Sunday, August 7, 2016

Melting Basket 71

Tarts from the previous basket I would buy again include: TBG Pirate Punch, Pink Sands, Serendipity Cream Pie, Pearls of the Ocean, Beezy Apple Clove Butter, CFTKR Fresh Picked Strawberry, Serendipity Marshmallow Delight.

Up The Creek- Rose Jam/American Cream/Marshmallow Bean Noel
Love Potion- Sugared Resins
Glitterati- Chocolate Orchid
Country Lane Keepsakes- Rosemary
CFTKR- Tokyo Nights
CFTKR- Merlin's Forest
Rosegirls- Vanilla Bean Noel <3 gift
Universal Voodoo- Old Fashioned
Universal Voodoo- Horizontal Haze
The Bathing Garden- Brown Sugar Cream Rose Bouquet
The Bathing Garden- Starlight Soda Pop
The Bathing Garden- The Illusionist

After my fruity basket I was ready for more herbal, floral and earthy scent. I am stoked about melting those Bathing Garden scents too. Shannon has really been knocking me out with her incredible scents and throw the past few openings. If you would like any of these reviewed in depth, please let me know which ones in the comments.

We had a Red Tailed Hawk visitor last week.

I think he wanted to remind me to pause and observe more often in my life. My feet too frequently marching with swift purpose, my eyes often on my phone or next destination, the cogs of my brain rotating around to-do lists or superfluous things. He sat there waiting for me to see him, to be present. 

We are going camping this weekend to swim in some springs and enjoy a last summertime adventure. I will carry my camera of course, but I will be taking more moments of rest and mindfulness. Once I head back to work I will eventually need to get back to a slower posting schedule, about 3-4 times a week, especially as I learn these new ropes. 

How do you create mindful moments in your life? Do they come naturally or do you have to plan them? How is your August fleshing out? Clinging to summer or ready for fall?


  1. I'm a curious mix of clinging to summer AND ready for fall right now. This new appreciation of summer I have is rather entertaining to me. Used to be I hated the heat, the bugs, the boredom because I'm just not a swimming, camping, outdoorsy girl. But who are we kidding? I'm chomping at the bit for fall! I think we're even showing first signs of it around here. The summer greens are losing their shine.

    As for mindful moments I need to force some of those. My mind is just racing most of the time these days. I keep saying I need to start my old lady yoga again...but never do.


    1. This summer went by too fast for me to have a chance to get sick of it. I feel like every season has been flying by for me though.

      I hear ya. I need to force more myself. Yoga would be fabulous! I had intentions of doing more yoga this year but only did it a few times. You reminded me I need to put that in my schedule.

    2. I want hubby to do it too but he thinks I'm joking. The dvd I have is very basic, very beginner...but even so, back when I was doing it I was amazed by the difference I felt. He especially needs to start doing something. He's getting fatter and lazier, and neither of us are getting any younger!