Sunday, August 28, 2016

Diptyque: Baies Candle

This small 2.4 ounce Diptyque Baies candle accompanied me yesterday afternoon during a thunderstorm. It sat right on my nightstand and gave off an elegant throw of green blackberry brambles, tart currants, unripe berries and woods.

I had purchased this on Hautelook as part of a two pack and I am glad I did. It was lovely to experience, but I don't think I would repurchase this particular scent at full price. 

I would buy it again if it popped up on discount. There are other scents from Diptyque I would want to try first, however. 


  1. Was it just the scent you didn't care for? Or performance lacking?


    1. The performance was fine. I got about a medium throw at my nightstand. It scented my bedroom easily, but the scent was a tad sour and sharp with green sap and unripe berries. I enjoy the perfume iteration of this scent but it warms on the skin. In home fragrance it is a bit strange for me. I enjoy more cozy scents I suppose. And with candles this spendy I have to really love it in order to want to buy the same scent again. And I just don't LOVE this. I liked it and enjoy burning it, but just would not buy again. I want to try a spice or woods or even a different floral. Amber always hits the spot too. I bought this on discount and would again on discount though. It was $15 for this one little guy on sale.