Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mermaid Treasure: Marta Oms

Marta Oms is a jeweler and gemologist that works in Barcelona, Spain. She sells her brilliant creations all over the world through her website. Her style embodies both vintage and contemporary as well as gothically whimsical. She offers pieces that can cater to many tastes and price points.

For her grand opening she offered a coupon code and I took advantage to purchase a set of small earrings and a ring. Her site, being out of Spain did have some bumps when I tried to order from my debit card (I think my bank saw it as red flagged since it was out of country) but she noticed I was trying to place an order and emailed me asking if I needed help. She kindly sent a PayPal invoice so I could complete my purchase.

Love the presentation.

These ultra tiny handcrafted sterling silver skull earrings were 15 Euros (about $16.60). I have been wearing them non-stop since they arrived.

The sterling silver skull ring I wear as a midi (or mid-joint ring) to wear on my index finger, it also works as a pinky ring. Here it is being modeled by the ever lovely Giovanna, my step-brother's daughter (my step-niece?). Either way she is family and beautiful and gracefully stepped up to the camera for me. 

I highly recommend browsing Marta's site and admiring her craftsmanship. There are a few more substantial pieces I would love to bring home. Maybe one day. <3

Find any treasures lately?


  1. oooooh, these are SO SO SO cool! I LOVE that ring. I am browsing her shop right now, I love that huge mood ring she has on there. Good lord, her stuff is exquisite!

    1. YES! I saw her showing off the mood ring she purchased from another fellow silversmilth (I love when business women lift each other up!) and I sprinted over the the Sage Fox and scoped out some things. That raven necklace is to die for. But yes, Marta has some stunning pieces. I just love the variety of her jewelry.

  2. I lied, that mood ring was NOT hers, but a different shops. That's what you get for not reading things all the way through! :P There are mannnnny gorgeous, unique pieces here....this is bad for my wallet!

    1. I would love to get one of her feather rings/necklaces or a crystal necklace. They are so cool.