Wednesday, May 15, 2019

B. Perry Studios: Body Scrubs

Brooke Perry, the original founder and nose behind Villainess Soaps, has been hard at work creating beautiful smells and products to adorn the body with as of late. She opened a new shop in Etsy called B. Perry Studios. I reviewed some of her fabulous soaps that she made in collaboration with Julia of Arcana Wildcraft not too long ago. Brooke mentioned she was making a killer Abalone face oil so while I was busy pre-ordering that I also added some other goodies to my cart. I will be sharing those with you as I get to use them. The first things I could not wait to open up were the two scrubs. 

Cinnabar- Notes: Honeyed buttercream veined with streaks of cinnamon bark and nutmeg and pools of oppoponax and opium.
Cinnabar Cocoa Butter Body Scrub comes in an 8 ounce jar for $15 and is full of nourishing cocoa butter, olive oil and coconut oil. I love the texture of this scrub. It is a little loose and easy to stir with the finger but also scoop out and apply. It doesn't crumble and fall everywhere and applies like a loose cream. The sugar is fine grained but definitely has exfoliating power. The scrub takes on a milky quality when buffed into the skin, feeling like a lotion. My skin is so soft and satiny after using this. I love the aroma too. At first I thought this was going to be an homage to the classic Cinnabar perfume from Estee Lauder done back in the 90's. However, a quick look at the notes told me otherwise. You know I was sold on it once I read it was a creamy vanilla spice. The resinous base and dark sticky opium keep this from being too much of a foodie scent and more of a rustic gourmand. The vanilla and opium notes feature heavily with the cinnamon and nutmeg lending a comforting woodiness. The spice is not "hot" or fiery but simply warm and deep. I see there is only one of these left in Brooke's shop and I am thinking I might need to make it mine.

Citrine- Notes: Bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, with green notes of tomato leaf and cucumber, over earthy oud wood. $15
Don't let these notes fool you. In fact don't let the scent right out of the jar fool you.... get in a tub and lather up with this sunny beauty, let the warm water make it bloom. This scrub has the most amazing smell once the hot steam and water get a hold of it. Sophisticated and luxurious. It smells vibrant with the citrus notes but then that woody oud sends a refined musk through it that really sets it off and makes my eyes roll back into my head. This is one that has to be tried to be appreciated.

I am loving my B. Perry Studios bath and body care. I have the salt soak and some bar soap that I am going to be using and featuring next. I will definitely have some B. Perry Studios goodies to giveaway on my blogiversary here soon. Keep an eye out!

Have you tried any of Brooke's new goodies since she set out on this new venture? What item from her Etsy store would you be most excited to try?


  1. Ah, I was curious about those scrubs and scent blends. Lovely!! I'm happy you're thoroughly enjoying them.
    I have yet to try any of her products, old or new, but I know I will someday. ;) :D

    1. They are really, really nice April. You will definitely be seeing more B. Perry hauls from me. I am smitten. I love the scent, the texture and how great my skin feels afterwards. <3