Monday, May 13, 2019

Red Hot Pottery: Coffee Mug

I have been admiring Christine's pottery at Red Hot Pottery for a while now. It was her "stash" jars that initially drew me in (I am still planning on getting one of those next time she restocks) but my first purchase was this beautifully rustic coffee mug. Christine began playing more with glaze tiers and etching, stamping and embossing, creating mugs that blow me away. This particular owl and full moon with stars among the forest immediately pulled at my heart strings.

I love how the colored glazes leech and drip into each other illustrating depth and dimension. 

I love the larger handle for ease of holding.

The thinner walls are a joy to sip from and make for a lighter mug. I am coming to appreciate a thinner walled mug.

Christine signed the bottom of the mug, dated it and stamped it with her company logo. 

I have noticed that this is my third owl mug. <3 I have one more coming from Cate at CBe Ceramics as a custom. 

I do have a palo santo incense burner I picked up from Red Hot Pottery a while back but I packed it up. I will show it once we move in. Do you have any favorite potters? Please share!


  1. I'm smitten! The deep color saturation and subtle suggestion of the owl fella are what appeals to me. I agree about a thin-walled mug--I used one from my collection the other day and I couldn't hold it upright for long for it's heft. It ends up mostly a display piece as I use the same 3-4 again and again.

    I followed REd HOt Pottery awhile back and remember the spiral motif stash jars, but she must have dropped from my feed as she started experimenting because these color combos are too memorable to overlook. I shall turn on Red Hot's notifications and anticipate an owl critter mug sometime in my future. I can't wait to see what Cate creates for you too (sigh) perhaps if she does more customs in the fall I'll grab one, I'd love an owl planter<3

    Scumugs is releasing customs in late May and I have one I'm thinking about but wish for another custom banner planter opening too, although those are fewer and farther in-between. It had to be a labor of love packing up your special pots, and will feel such a relief when you settle them in your new home.

    1. I agree... the blurred and hazy semi-abstractness of the scene is what really makes it all the more appealing to me. I have only made one mug before and the walls were SO THICK and it was SO HEAVY and the lip was awful... I was forever spilling my coffee from the corners of my mouth. There really is an art to making an ideal mug.

      I hope you do get on her custom list (Cate's). I will try and remember to message you when I see her mention it next. Cate's work feels like a story-telling session for me. Watching her work is such an intimate experience.

      Ooooo! I love Scumugs! I kinda want a banner mug. I have a few planters from her but no mugs. I like her eye mugs too. What do you want your banner to say??

      It was an ordeal. I thought we were moving the boxes ourselves so I wrapped a mug or two and scattered them throughout the boxes. Once Adam told me that we were hiring movers I freaked out...imagining a box dropped and an irreplaceable mug being shattered. So we went through ALL our packed and taped boxes to pull out my mugs and bubble wrap them and stick them in the smae box so I could carry it myself then cry if I drop it.