Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sixteen92: Resurrection Perfumes

The Sixteen92 Resurrection comes around each new year. Claire re-releases many favorites and cult classics to be shared once again. I like to pick up a couple scents during this time. I have been meaning to add Super Cell to my collection but somehow I end up missing it. I did come away with two great scents though: Liber Officiorum Spirituum and Black Sugar.

I ran across Liber Officiorum Spirituum when I picked up the mystery samplers during Sixteen92's birthday celebration. I wore it when we vacationed in Savannah, Georgia and didn't really pay attention to it until a lady came up behind me and said how wonderful I smelled. Naturally, that made my day and I decided to buy it if it ever came to be for sale. 

Liber Officiorum Spirituum- Notes: Ancient parchment, leather bindings, smoldering resins, frankincense tears, ritual candles, black fire, soot, steel, dust and smoke. This fragrance was exclusive to the 2016 Sisterhood of the Moon box from Sihaya & Co. 
Freshly imprinted on the skin the leather presses in with with dust in the bindings and a hint of dry cocoa floating around the edges. The leather shifts from rawhide to supple suede as warm hands cradle the book and the resins and incense rise from between the pages in the heart. The leather lives for the duration of the fragrance, worn and rubbed with ashes and soot. This is a gorgeous perfume. Ideal for leather lovers, bookworms and those who enjoy an unsweet scent for a change of pace.

Black Sugar- Notes: Brown sugar, red berries, caramel, vanilla, tonka bean, dirt, cauldron smoke and cocoa absolute. 
I am so sad I waited too long to get this in the EDP. This scent is discontinued from the general catalog but when I saw it come back in the Resurrection I knew I was going to get it. Black Sugar is a darker, earthier play on Aquolina's Pink Sugar perfume. If you have read my blog for any length of time you know my deep and abiding love for Pink Sugar as a home fragrance. I never wore Pink Sugar as a personal fragrance, but add a healthy dose of dirt and cauldron smoke and I am there showering myself in it. Black Sugar opens with the dark cocoa and rich soil and quickly melts into the vibrant candied berries and cotton candy caramel scent of Pink Sugar. As it settles a little the sugar does darken into brown sugar and tonka with cauldron brume winding its smoky path into the murky edges of the scent. I love this one and have already worn half of my 5ml bottle.

What Sixteen92 scents do you look for during Resurrection? I was recently able to pick up that SuperCell that went on sale in April. I was pretty stoked about that. I will blog it once it comes. 

Whatcha wearing? What are you favorite Sixteen92 goodies?

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there: with or without children, moms to furbabies, moms to students and moms who are out there nurturing whom or whatever needs nurturing. <3 Your love is appreciated.


  1. A resurrecting of the perfume sounds intense, but also a fun opening to look forward too. There's nothing better than a stranger's compliment especially because it's difficult to smell a perfume on one's own skin if it melds into the body's chemistry. Someone once told me that's how you know it's the right perfume for you, but I have no idea if that theory holds true.

    Black Sugar sounds divine, an edgier Pink Sugar who's all grown up and rebelling against her musky cleanliness for a dirtier version of herself. Truly a desired take on the ubiquitous PS. Although, you know I love Pink Sugar in home fragrance, I was becoming bored with the same blends. Been mixing and playing with alternate combos, perhaps I'll attempt a potting soil, black vanilla PS someday :)

    1. Yes! I am thrilled she does that. So many indie perfumers have limited releases that once they leave they are gone forever and hard to obtain. I appreciate that Claire makes a way for beloved limited scents to make a come back.

      You are totally right about the stranger compliment. Sometimes I become asnomic to a scent once it is on me for any length of time and can't smell it any longer. When someone mentions my fragrance I know it must have some draw to it and is at least strong enough for others to smell.

      OH MY GOSH you are dead right. I need to find someone to blend Pink Sugar and soil for me STAT!!! You are genius.