Friday, May 17, 2019

Sihaya & Company: "In the Forest of Wonder" Spring Box

This box was sent free from Sihaya & Co. for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Christina at Sihaya & Company is back from her maternity leave and her shop is open for business. She kicked off her restart with a beautiful spring box themed "In the Forest of Wonder" that held seven full sized artisan made products for $60. 

First up is a body scrub from Indie Beautique in the scent Vio'nilla which marries delicate violets with sweet, creamy vanilla. This full 4 ounce whipped soap scrub runs $7 on the Indie Beautique website. This was the only product in the box that wasn't a good fit for me. I have had wonderful experiences with the bath salts at Indie Beautique but the sugar scrub was off for me. The ingredients left my skin sticky and coated and the scent did not jive with me. It had a strange hint of moldy cardboard. The sugar crystals were sparse and not really effective. Only one dud in a slew of seasonal boxes is not a deal breaker for me. I highly recommend Indie Beautique for their bath salts and other goodies.

Parchment Nail Polish is a brand created by Latherati. These polishes are 10-free, hand blended and made in small batches. They run $8 each. The color Charmed came in the box. It is a blushing pink beauty that is highly pigmented. The pink is a medium tone and slightly dusky. Two coats level perfectly to make a beautiful manicure.

Sihaya & Co candle in Le Papillon features notes of orange blossoms, jasmine and two soft, golden ambers. Sihaya & Company candles cost $12 each. I am saving this candle for burning in our new home so no warmed reviews but I do have good luck burning my Sihaya & Co. candles. This scent is beautiful. It is an airy sweet neroli and white flower bouquet with glints of citrus and a base of gilded amber. It will make an enchanting bedroom scent for this spring and summer. Looking forward to burning it. <3

Luvmilk Bath and Body is a brand I have wanted to try for a good long while now. This box came with a 4 ounce shampoo in the scent Tremble Dance with notes of honeysuckle, lilac, jasmine, pear, greenery, vanilla bean and sweet honey nectar. This size normally costs $7 each on the Luvmilk website. These shampoos can be used as body wash or hand soap as well. This smells incredible. Candied honey drenched honeysuckle and watermelons. I want to eat it. Or at least have it in a lollipop flavor. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, so I can't speak much to how it performs but I can report back if you are interested, or more likely, if it knocks my socks off you will see me haul more and review at a later time.

A bar of luxury glycerin soap from Paintbox Soap Works in Elysian Woods holds the scent of cedar woods, ice cold streams and tender woodland flowers shaking off the last chill of winter, basking in the warmth of golden amber, bergamot and honeycomb. These soaps run $6 each and are quite awesome.

Elysian Woods is pretty brilliant. I cut a thick sliver off to bathe with and it lathered thickly and easily, rinsed cleanly and the fragrance lingered on my skin until I drifted off to sleep. My daughters were mesmerized by the decoration. I admit, I was too. Hayley's use of mica hypnotizes me. The scent does too. It is a lush, almost green, mildly amber scent, perhaps the ephemeral trees in the Elysian Fields themselves leaking golden sap from their lush leaves like tears for the lost. Naturally, it is my kind of fragrance.

An exclusive, beautiful perfume from Nui Cobalt Designs in Glen Echo in Spring was included.

Glen Echo in Spring- Notes: Budding dogwood, forget-me-nots, sunlight on spring water, cotton flower and smoky birch. $19

This is a beautiful scent. Forest is a talented perfumer and possess a deft hand at blending. Glen Echo in the Spring shows that. It is a cottony clean perfume with a natural musk and sweet floral bouquet that wears like gauzy white linen. In the bottle the smoky birch emerges alongside the cotton flower and it reminds me of chilly bonfires on a beach built of driftwood. On the skin the cotton flowers bloom first amid a clean musk, creating a veil of imagery where brooks burble and lace-like flowers bloom in prolific displays under a canopy of trees. This scent smells fresh and renewed, just like springtime. The drydown is a beautiful creamy woods, hinting at an airy vanilla sandalwood. From start to finish this is a scent I will wear again and again. 

Three stunning lollipops from Pamplemousse Sucre were the crowning trio of the box. Seven lollipops cost $18 in her Etsy shop.  So about $7.75 for three of them. These came in the flavors: Ginger Lime Prosecco, Peeps and Lychee, Raspberry & Rose. The Peeps was dusted in sugar crystals and tasted just like the puffy marshmallow treats. the other two I am saving for our summer vacation which calls for a lengthy 9-10 hour road trip. These will be the ideal pick-me-up while on that long ride.

The total product value is roughly $67 so a savings of $7 if purchased in this carefully curated box. I always find these seasonal boxes a joy to open. These would make awesome gifts too. 

Are you subscribing to or indulging in any one-time curated boxes? 


  1. These boxes are always so tempting! I just love themed boxes. Such wonderful, talented makers in this box!!
    I have been looking at Kings Road Apothecary boxes, but haven't indulged in any just yet. (Thank you again for introducing me to that vendor via your blogging). <3 I love reading and keeping the emails they send out.

    1. Chris does a fabulous job on these boxes for sure. She has an eye for great indie makers and theme cohesion. Oh my goodness!!! I hope you eventually treat yourself to Rebecca's Surprise Box. I have purchased about 3 so far and been gifted 3 so far (from my husband- any time he asks what I want for my birthday, Mother's Day or anniversary it is usually one of these boxes). The Surprise Boxes are the ultimate in all natural indulgence from head to toe and inside out. I particularly love her Tulsi and Pinon, Smoke and Rose boxes but the Kava ones are nice too. Her emails are truly an educational and grounding experience. I love reading them too.