Monday, May 27, 2019

Indie Pickup: June Wax

This Obscurus wax was sent gratis from Femme Fatale for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Indie Pickup offers a monthly themed release that features many awesome hand crafted artisan bath and body products and more. June's Indie Pickup theme is Weather Phenomena and Obscurus offers the June wax scent Solarfall.

Obscurus' Solarfall- Notes Cedarwood, heather, dewy moss, apple, fir, pine, caramel and grape.

Solarfall is a beautiful atmospheric aroma that whispers of a forested fantasy realm. Woods bracket moors that bristle with wildflowers and burbling streams while ice coated mountain peaks reign in the distance, studded with castles  and colorful banners. The evergreens and cedars lay a foundation for the aquatic apples and moss. The subtle breath of grapes pushes this scent out of the strictly "fresh" category, giving it something extra, something magical. The sweetness is a nice buffer to the greenery. This is a lovely scent that makes for an inviting home. 

Obscurus' soy wax is pretty awesome. The throw is great, the scent blends are unique and the styling is cool. Two cubes threw very strong in my bedroom and strong in the larger living areas. It lasted a few days, being melted about 8 hours each day. I was impressed.

This wax and many other artisan goodies will be available at Indie Pickup from June 8th 1am AEST- June 11th 1pm AEST. 

What notes are you enjoying melting in the house right now?

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