Friday, May 31, 2019

Ebb & Flow: May 2019

The highs and lows of the month.

Hermes Eau De Merveilles

Perfume Oil:
Whisper Sisters Mabon

Body Oil:
Blood Moon Botanica St. Johns Wort Oil

Handmade in Florida Moroccan Mint Tea

B. Perry Studios Strawberry Soak

Eye Drops:
Rohto Cooling eye drops

Warner's without underwire... what took me so long to leave Victoria's Secret?! This is bliss.

Black Mirror, The Society and Monty Python's Flying Circus

Night Birds by Thomas Maltman is one I just started a couple days ago after finally finishing Deliverance Dane. I can't seem to stop reading historical fiction books. I hear this one is good and it is about an occurrence I know nothing about, the Dakota Conflict/The Great Sioux War of 1862.

My feelings.*

Club soda with lime.

Actually moving into our new home.

That the home we are trying to sell gets pushed back more... VA loans are so difficult to deal with.

Loving the Obscurus wax tarts. They throw very well and smell fabulous.

Bilibency shoes. I saw some cute flats on a Facebook ad and purchased them only to be left with shoes way too big for me and no way to exchange or even return them. Lesson learned. Only buy from companies I know and trust.

Home buying. Pretty much any bump in the road that could happen, has. Being told our closing on our old home is being pushed back. Then stressing that the home we want to buy is being pushed back. Will they back out? Do we have to start all over? Stress. Stress. Stress. *Just gimme the damn donut.

Despite the stresses of the home buying/selling, I have remained sober (no alcohol almost 8 years come August 1st) despite sometimes thinking about numbing some of this chaos, and I even managed to have some fun with Savanna by checking off items on our "we're leaving Lakeland" bucketlist. Highs came from my students toasting me goodbye and telling me sweet things, writing me sweet things and giving me hugs and high fives. I will miss those kids so much. Highs came from Adam and I wading through some of the most difficult moments our marriage has faced, coming out on the other side with stronger ties and even some laughter. 

How has your May been? Was it crazy too? Are you ready for summer?


  1. I'm so sorry that you've had these delays and all the stresses that they bring. I really hope everything gets smoothed out quickly and you can move! Being in limbo is so hard.

    1. Thank you. I really, really, really hope we can get this going this coming week.

  2. If you like Monty Python, check out Fawlty Towers if you can find it. It's a sitcom series with John Cleese and it's hysterical. And of course, have you seen the Monty Python classics: Meaning of Life, Holy Grail, and Life of Brian?


    1. Loooooove Fawlty Towers!

    2. I will! Two votes for Fawlty Towers and I am in. I have watched Holy Grail many times and I see Netflix has it now so I am going to try and wrangle Savanna into watching it with me here soon. Meaning of Life and Life of Brian I have not see but will look into now. <3

    3. All Monty Python is rather, uh, bold (raunchy? lol) but I know a lot of people really got turned off by Life of Brian because it mocks religion in a big big way. I mean, c'mon, it's about the boy born in the manger next to Jesus... (You have been warned. LOL)


    4. They are totally raunchy LOL!! Thanks for the warning. I will start with Fawlty Towers. <3

    5. Not related to Monty Python, but have you ever watched Absolutely Fabulous? It's another British sitcom, more saucy naughtiness. I loved that one too.


    6. YES! I loved Ab Fab and Boys in the Hall back when I was in high school but I seriously need to watch them now as an adult. I think I would appreciate it more. Especially Ab Fab. Thank you for reminding me!!

  3. I am also on a club soda with lime kick--so pleasant now that we're having warmer evenings. How is The Society? I keep hearing people mention it but not even sure what it's about. Finally finished S1 of Stranger Things last weekend--that's how behind I am on tv lol!

    Hope the house headaches sort themselves out soon! <3

    1. It really is a refreshing drink. I had to chuckle last night. Adam took me out to eat because the girls had a birthday sleep over and I ordered the club soda with lime and the waitress did not know what club soda was so I had to describe it. Never had that happen before.

      I liked The Society enough to watch it all but then the ending felt rushed and loose. You don't know what is going to happen or even why it happened in the first place. I would have been fine skipping it but it passed the time. While we wait. And wait.

      YES!!! Are you liking ST???? I hope they do the 3rd season justice. I worry it is getting drug out.

      Thank you, Kate. I really appreciate the well wishes. I am on some thin threads here. I would be 1,000 times better if I at least had a closing date at this point after having our first one come and go on both houses. Ugh. Why.

  4. The VA loan...Sending positive thoughts. This week I saw an email from the old buyer's lawyer to my lawyer saying they were canceling the sale officially so his client could get his down payment back, which he told me he intended to do a few months ago. Between the buyer and the lawyer, no idea why every small step took forever. The contract was signed 8 months ago.

    1. IT IS SO FRUSTRATING. But an 8 month long contract?!?!?! Jean!!! You are a saint!!! I hope you are able to get where you want to be soon. Life is so short. I am chomping at the bit to be onto the next phase but maybe I have some things I need to learn about this. May your next buyer be the one. <3 How are you feeling? Are you able to get some time outdoors? I finally did today and I needed it.

    2. I started a temp job last Thursday and have worked every day since then (gah) but there will be walking soon. Thankfully I am next to windows overlooking trees and a small lake! Even though I've been busy it has been good to have a routine again.