Sunday, May 26, 2019

Whisper Sisters Perfume: Semi-Retired Release

I placed another order at Whisper Sisters when Daral mentioned that she was bringing some of the semi-retired scents back for purchase. Darla charges $10 per bottle for her perfumes. She wraps them beautifully in dictionary paper and seals it with decorative washi. The perfumes are then placed in a decorative organza drawstring bag and accented with a charm. A free sample is normally included.

I picked up two favorites that I have drained rather quickly... Brigid and Frankincense Dark Cedar. You can read about them here. I got these a little while back for only $5 or $6 during a sale. I am leaving them wrapped since I have a few drops left in the original bottles. 

Banchouli- Notes: Red licorice, patchouli, sugar and a hint of smoke.

Banchouli is incredible. The pairing of sticky black patchouli with the dark wooden and ominous tones of licorice is intoxicating. The light smokiness only adds to the gothic atmosphere that they create. The sweetness adds a nice touch and makes it incredibly wearable for me. Repurchase for sure.

Cloven- Notes: Clove bud, clove leaf, vanilla musk, vanilla bean and black vanilla. 

If you have been searching for a clove scent this is your ticket. Clove to the 100th power. The vanillas only serve to deepen the clove aspect. Spiced, warm and sweet. This oil does make my skin tingle a touch but nothing that bothers me (I am actually one of those who enjoys the tingle of minty and spicy scents on my skin). My husband hates clove so this will get worn sparingly, but will get worn nonetheless.

Mabon- Notes: Patchouli, cedar, dragon's blood, cinnamon and elemi resin. 

Mabon is one of my favorites. It is a deeply dark dragon's blood and patchouli with spices and sweetness. Sugared cloves and cinnamon back up against the inky patchouli and thick dragon's blood to create a witchy delight. The classic Yankee dupe, Witches' Brew, comes to mind but this one is definitely more wearable as a person scent. I love it.

Bastet- Notes: Marshmallow, musk, cotton candy, sugar, Egyptian musk, patchouli, vanilla bean and a touch of cinnamon.

Bastet is a sweet and fun marshmallow perfume! The chewy vanilla sugar goodness of the marshmallow and cotton candy are joined withe a touch of spiced patchouli to twist the candied vibes towards a slight darkness. The patch and spice are very low key and only serve to ground the sweetness just a tad. I have already drained half the bottle since this is such an easy flirty pick-me-up.

A free sample in Violet Ginger Ale was generously included. I love the delicate purple hue of this scent. It is quite vibrant and tangy. The ginger ale is citrus laden and lemony bright. The violets add a slight powdery softness but only hover around the edges of the ginger ale. 

Darla actually has these perfumes and more wonderful semi-retired scents on pre-order right now! Her semi-retired scents will be open to buy until May 31st. I highly recommend the Frankincense Dark Cedar if you like woods and incense without the sweetness and Brigid if you like sweet spiced patchouli. Any of these that I picked up are good choices but I especially love Banchouli. Darla's prices are excellent!

Do you have a favorite Whisper Sisters perfume?


  1. What a bunch of great blends!! I've still been neglecting my little WS perfumes and I don't know why. There's so many perfume blends I desire to try from Darla. Her stuff is unlike any other perfume house I've tried. <3 I do love how each niche house is so different. <3
    Thank you always for your thoughts and blogging. This was a treat to read this morning. <3

    1. Haha, I meant my "little stash of" up there. Forgot some words. ;)
      I hope you're enjoying your weekend!!

    2. Thanks! I really have only had a couple that haven't worked for me from Darla. By and far if I know I like the notes, then I end up loving the perfume. I am wearing Mabon once again today. What are a couple of your favorites from her that I should try?

      Thanks! It was a nice, long weekend. Adam and I packed and packed and packed. Only a few more things left! We even pulled everything from the attic. It is starting to get real for him. Poor guy kept pacing around the house saying his tummy hurt half joking/half not. I think he realized it was our last weekend in our home.

      Hope you had a great weekend! Any plans this summer?

    3. My faves off the top of my head, are Little Ghost and Patchouli Amber. I have a handful of Autumn and Winter perfumes from Darla that I need to try more. I know it's not the season for those, but I want to refresh my memory before I purchase more creations from Whisper Sisters. :)
      We don't have any Summer plans set in stone. There's always home renovations, gardening and doing our best to get out to see family and friends. We should plan a little camping trip and probably a weekend or 2 tiny jaunt away, all with the kids in tow, but yeah nothing for sure planned out. ;) I enjoyed reading your Summer list to tackle and enjoy.

    4. I will keep an eye out for those next time she offers them. I have a few I am almost done using (for some reason I use up her perfumes pretty quickly??? Not sure how or why) and then I will grab some more later in the year. I really cannot wait to garden this summer. And travel. And hike. And go on family trips. I am happy for you and hope your summer plans come to fruition and lots of great memories are made.