Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Lori Phillips Ceramics: Mushroom Coffee Mug

Ladies and gentlemen... I present to you.... the mushroom mug of my dreams. Yes. I dream about mushroom mugs.

Lori Phillips is the potter and artist and fungi aficionado behind Lori Phillips Ceramics out of Arizona. She specializes in mugs, incense dishes, incense burners, plates and pipes stylized after some of her mushroom muses. 

She does sell out pretty quickly so this is definitely a scenario where you follow her IG updates for restock times and set your alarm. After getting my mug I feel like it is utterly worth it. This multi-layered piece is a cornucopia of textures and colors. The purple bark-like top and bottom possess a satiny sheen with almost duo-chrome qualities, shifting from maroon to silvery lavender. The buttery yellow center is glassy and shiny, yet pitted with depth. The green mossy lichen feels like the raspy bones of coral. The mushroom fans and dotties are my favorite details.

The inside has this stunning aqua glaze. The handle is a one finger handle. I will say that the dimensions of the mug were hard for me to gauge online and for some reason I thought these were bigger and bulkier than they really are, which turned out to be a pleasant surprise to discover otherwise! It has a nice thin wall and light but sturdy feel.

The bottom is fluted but stands flat and echos the gills of a mushroom. The maker's stamp is in the center button.

I did pick up an incense plate holder too that I will share after we move since I packed all my incense and most of my non-necessities. My eyes are on an incense burner. Those things look epic, like wild blooming fungi in some fantastic primitive forest.

Doesn't this mug look like art? 

Is it weird to dream about mushroom mugs?


  1. This mug is amazing! Runs to add to very long wishlist...

    1. She is having a June release and I think it will be pretty epic. I am eyeing up an incense burner. Hey! I sent you a DM on FB Messenger. Please send me your address! I packed my address book. Oops!