Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Wylde Ivy: Boho Garden Part One

These perfumes were sent free form Wylde Ivy. All opinions are my own.

Wylde Ivy released some stunning floral perfumes for spring. Ashlee's Boho Garden release has me spraying with abandon. Her perfumes are so beautiful and for $25 for a one ounce bottle they are easy to collect and gift. I will be giving some away, myself, here on the blog and have a coupon code to share with you too! But first, let's dive in with Green Lady. 

Green Lady- Notes: Fresh cut aloe, sweet prickly pear, cucumber tonic, wild violets, agave nectar, willow and water lotus.
I love this one. This was my first choice to wear of the five I was sent. I liberally sprayed it on for Mother's Day as we headed out the door to the flea market and fruit stands. Scarlette immediately commented on how good it smelled. I couldn't agree more. Green Lady is a lightly sweet verdant aquatic with watery melon tones that wears effortlessly. No harsh or jarring notes, no strange astringent tones at all. Just lush, dewy green goodness. The top sparkles with pulpy sweet cactus fruits and crisp cucumbers, dewy and fresh. The heart pools the watery sweet goodness into the belly of a leaf where tiny violets float on the surface. The cupped leaf has a musk of its own, akin to bamboo, I think it is the lotus. Fragrant and green. Wild and verdant. The drydown remains green but more like a sweetgrass and bamboo musk. This perfume is what I wish Cucumber Melon had smelled like as I grew older. More refined, beautifully blended and wildly green and gorgeous. I will be wearing this one heavily during spring and summer. Heck, all year in this sultry Florida weather. 

Barefoot in the Garden- Notes: Sun warmed blonde woods, lilac nectar, jasmine petals, bergamot and lily of the valley. 
I was just talking with a friend on IG about how there needs to be more lilac perfumes. This one definitely suits that desire. Barefoot in the Garden opens up with a zest of bergamot and retains some of that aged golden musk into the heart where lilacs and Confederate jasmine vines entwine. The lilacs and lily of the valley possess the heady perfume of bulb flowers, like dandelion and freesia, simply narcotic in their full papery aroma. The drydown mellows into dried lilacs and pale woods and then into a sweet woods melody. A touch of powdery amber filters into the base too. The base of this perfume is my favorite part.

This collection is amazing. If you want to sample all five scents from the Boho Garden, there is an adorable tin sampler for $21.25 for sale. To get 15% off your Wylde Ivy purchase use code: MERMAID15. 

What are some of your favorite flower notes?

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