Friday, April 8, 2016

Lasting Scent Candles: February Opening

Pam and Jennifer at Lasting Scent Candles released some great information recently that they will be staying open as long as they can and that the next opening this month (very soon from what I have read) will be unlimited. In the past they have had a 2 scent shot limit on scents but being unlimited now will be great if you know you really love a certain scent. This most recent opening in mid-February featured samples and brittle bags in the samplers. Lemon, bakery, lavender and drinks samplers were offered in single or double scent shots. I had not realized that the scent shots were the bigger 2 ounce versions and not their standard 1.5 ounce shots. I sprang for double Lavender ($52.50), single Bakery ($22.50), and single Lemon ($22.50) as well as two bags of brittle: Bliss and Sweet Dreams ($14.99 each). I did go back and order two discounted winter brittle bags after this order but those have not arrived yet. Shipping is flat rate $9 with invoicing for any shipping over. I did pay $9 more to have this order shipped in a large flat rate box, which is fair.

So let's check out what was in these samplers!

Lemon Sampler:

Lemon Wedding Cake- Wedding cake with lemon creme filling.
I really love LSC's wedding cake fragrance. It is ultra rich and heavy with vanilla and cake goodness. Here the lemon brightens it up with a custard creaminess that makes me want to take a fork to it.

Sweet Lemon Bread- Sugared lemons, buttery vanilla, warm bread and lemon cream sauce.
This does have an unsweetened yeasty bread back note that is combined with shortbread cookies, top it with lemon curd and vanilla drizzle and this is one yummy treat. This does appear to be a zucchini bread but not overly so.

Lemon Butter Crunch Cake- Pudding filled lemon cake with buttercream frosting and lemon sugar.
The crunchiness in this reminds me of the crunchy sugar cookie scents. The funny thing is that I really can smell pudding. Light vanilla cream lemon and delicious bakery and pudding with a tiny almond extract drop. Cannot wait to melt this.

Lemon Shortbread Cookies- Shortbread cookies frosted with sweet lemon frosting.
LSC has a pretty great shortbread too. This smells exactly like it set out to smell. Shortbread cookies and lemon frosting. Vanilla smooths it out and adds heft.

Lemon Coconut Angle Cake- Lemon Angel Food cake, with coconut creme filling and toasted coconut creme frosting.
On cold sniff there were strange bitter suntan oil and plastic tones, so I went ahead and melted it. It threw at a medium-light, but these tarts do better after sitting for a little bit. The suntan turned into a slightly smokey vanilla. It was definitely interesting but not like a lemon coconut angel food cake to me. I still enjoyed it.

Lemon Cream Soda- Creamy soda pop, sugared lemon syrup and bubbles.
A&W Cream soda with a shot of lemon syrup for sure. The fizzy note is very soft on cold at the moment so this might work for the bubble haters out there. 

Lemon Sorbet- Crunchy vanilla waffle cone filled with lemon curd ice cream.
Waffle cones add a bit of vanilla bite while there is a definitely milk note as well. It almost reminds me of straight lemony fruit loops with out the extraneous fruit loop flavors. Like, just the yellow loops. In milk. 

Lemon Fizz- Effervescent lemon and tart Pomelo grapefruit.
Yep. Mouthwatering sugar sweet grapefruit and Lemonheads. Love it.

Lemon Love- Lemon with cookies, caramel, and vanilla.
Yesssssss. So much subdued lemony goodness. The lemon and caramel with vanilla bakery is a match made in heaven. My favorite of the lemon bunch.

Lemon Sun Tea- Sweet tea with lemon slices.
Spot on. Smells just like the Lipton Brisk Tea with Lemon. You know, the kind in the can that is strangely satisfying when it is ice cold on a super hot day when it should be just plain wretched. It smells like that in the best possible way.

The Bakery Sampler:

Buttery Blueberry Waffles- Waffle loaded with blueberries, butter and blueberry syrup on top.
Blueberries slowly rolling down a stack of pancakes through a thick deep purple glaze. Powdered sugar on top. Delicious.

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts- Deep fried donuts dusted with cinnamon sugar.
The funny thing about this one is that every time I get it, I end up giving it away. I vow to keep this and melt it. It smells so very indulgent and just like a funnel cake from the fair with extra cinnamon sugar, heavier on the sweet spice than the cake. I want a funnel cake now.

Butterscotch Cookies- Sugar cookies, warm butterscotch morsels and butterscotch glaze.
Oh man. LSC does butterscotch like no one's business. It is perfectly caramelized without hitting that bitter zone. I know I am going to drool while melting this. Heck, I am drooling now.

Fried Pie- Fried apple pie dusted with powered sugar.
GAH! Fall in a cup! Deb, you hear this?! I smell fall. Sweet fried apples glazed with cinnamon and wrapped in a puffy crust. Legit perfect apple pie. So very realistic.

Beignets- Deep fried Louisiana donuts covered in powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar.
Delish. This one is much more bakery heavy than Cinnamon Sugar Donuts. This one is all about that fried batter that puffs up into an airy pillow of mouthgasm. There may be a pinch of vanilla in this one too. Slightly spiced and sweet. 

Strawberry Wedding Cake- What cake with sweet strawberry filling, topped with strawberries.
Fresh strawberries sliced and sprinkled with sugar on a bed of whipped cream and cake. This reminds me perfectly of real strawberry shortcake, and not the doll... the insanely good treat that people wait in line for at Parksdale Farmer's Market.

Coconut Cream Pie- Coconut cream, graham cracker crust, topped with cream and toasted coconut.
The eggy custard in the coconut cream can almost be detected. A pie I don't get to eat nearly enough. At least I can smell it with this.

Sweet Kisses- Cakes and frostings covered in sweet kisses (formerly Sweet Decadence).
Vanilla overload and I adore it. I almost think this smells like their wedding cake a bit. Maybe more dense with frosting.

Caribbean Cupcake- Island fruits and buttery cake batter.
It smells like a pina colada cake. And I want to eat it too. It is really hard to write all these delicious reviews when I have not ate breakfast or lunch. I really should stop right here and eat before I find myself licking the lids of the tarts. This is embarrassing.

Amaretto Buttercream Cookie- Amaretto sugar cookie with sweet buttercream sandwiched between.
A pleasantly mild almond enhanced cookie that is sweet and soft and chewy. Dang it. That's it. Taking a late lunch break.

Lavender Mallow Bread- Lavender, marshmallow and bread.
Definitely zucchini, but blended nicely with the sweet lavender and vanilla marshmallows.

Lavender Confections- Lavender with cookies and frosting.
Dreamy. Lavender with sweet crunchy sugar cookies. Love!

Bliss- White wedding cake, vanilla cream and lavender sprinkles.
Something about this blend just makes me float away on clouds of happiness. Obviously. I got it in a brittle bag too. This is lavender vanilla as its very best for my nose. More confection than medicinal. Throws strong.

Sweet Lavender Nectar- Lavender, vanilla cream and honey.
I almost bought this in the brittle bag too since I know I love it so dearly. It throws well too and smells like lavender candy. The honey is really mellow, nothing like that powdery brain blast that wild mountain honey can be sometimes. The lavender and vanilla balance it out wonderfully. 

Island Relaxation- Lavender with coconut milk.
Mellow and relaxing. Thin watery coconut milk, not creamy or bakery. Slightly cool and refreshing.

Serenity- Lavender and green mint confetti.
A new favorite. Serenity now. Insanity later. Insanity because this is so yummy and I did not get it in a brittle bag. Sweet lavender with Wrigley's spearmint gum. 

Stardust- Lavender and rose.
A baby sweet rose with velvety soft petals and slightly powdery paired with lavender. I will enjoy this. But if you think of rose as matronly you probably will not.

Hush- Lavender.
I believe this is their straight up lavender scent. It has a bit of a sweetness, touch floral, a smidge vanilla musk. Clean. Not medicinal, detergent or herbal.

Lavender Lullaby- Lavender with laundry.
Perfect lavender clean scent. Makes me want to do laundry. I better put this away. 

Sweet Dreams- Pink sugar, lavender, marshmallows.
One of my all time favorites from LSC. Bag o' Brittle? Yep. Perfectly sweet blend of sleepytime bliss. Nice throw and repurchase every single time.

Harmony- Citrus, lavender, tropical aromas.
Interesting. Smells a bit like coconut and sunscreen lotion in a good way with a dab of lavender. A designer sunscreen. I like it.

Fuzzy Baby Blanket- Lavender, baby blanket and newborn freshness. 
Not sure about the newborn notes but thinking it is a bit Johnson & Johnson Bedtime lotion. I like it but not my favorite of the lavenders. Not a huge fan of baby type scents. I enjoyed the girls newborn phase but there was enough lack of sleep, cracked nipples and bouts of baby blues that I really don't want any aromas to take me back so to say. I try to enjoy them at each moment they are in and not look to far forward or back. It goes quick enough.

Brittle in Bliss and Sweet Dreams. 

Free sample in Pixie Dust, a sweet pink grapefruit and candy scent that is lovely and energetic.

Whew. Can you tell I am LSC obsessed? When they open this month I will probably order and it will probably be my only order for wax this month. I am funneling my mad money to another area at the moment so the wax will trickle in much slower, but I do still have a few older outstanding orders (SMT, RG and a huge TBG). So, no worries. Plenty of wax to come still. Just maybe not so much in near future months.

Do you plan on ordering from LSC here shortly? What are you hoping they stock? I am always wanting mint and lavender but since they just did those I am angling for some beachy scents. Or more patchouli. Or watermelon.


  1. Those lemon scents have me drooling, especially Lemon Love.

    Fried Pie?? Sign me up! Oh my gosh, pretty much all of the bakery sampler scents sound divine.

    Why don't I order from this vendor?! I suppose if they're keeping the site open (which is great) the TAT will be even longer now. That's the bummer part for me.


    1. Lemon Love has your name all over it! This next opening is supposed to be even easier (which they tend to be since they are announced and no cart jumping that I have experienced) with unlimited ordering.

      And Fried Pie is seriously the best apple pie I have ever smelled. I want to know what oil it is >_<

      The TAT isn't fast but certainly not the longest I have suffered lol!! It is along the lines of TBG or such.

  2. I wanted to get some of these samplers so bad, but it wasn't in the cards at the time. Hopefully I can order from the next opening! I managed to snag a few LSC scents from a destash that I'm enjoying. Not sure what I would order; probably whatever sounded good at the time! As always your photos and descriptions are delightful!

    1. It is soon!!! Maybe even this weekend! I cannot wait to see the scents offered and the chunkies. Their wax is really soft like Glitterati so I am curious how the chunkies will pull off. I like them in the cups but the brittle is messy.

      Thank you Amanda! I hope you have been doing well! I need to bookmark your new blog. Since the name changed I have forgotten to get the new address.

  3. I love that first picture! It's like a beautiful rainbow of waxy goodness! I'm so excited about them staying open longer than they originally planned.
    I'm in love with Bliss! And I got an aroma must in sweet dreams for my toddler's room and he loves it lol. He buries his little face in his blanket when I spray it for him.

    1. Thank you Gina! I am stoked too and it should be soon! I adore Bliss too. The perfect lavender bakery for me. Perfect lavender vanilla. Awwwww!!! How sweet of you to get a room spray for him! My daughter is getting into the room sprays. I should have picked her up one. Maybe she will have some lavender sprays left over.

  4. Wow, that's a lot of scents!!!