Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Warmed Wax: Candy Panda, Glitterati, Sweet Fixations and more...

Candy Panda Pale Blue Eyes came across as a clean, fresh scent with a touch of floral perfume musk and early 90's freshly scrubbed fragrance vibe. It threw strong in the bedroom and I enjoyed it. Would repurchase again if I was in the market for a clean scent that was not detergent.

Sweet Fixations Zucchini French Toast and Pound Birthday Cake was strong throwing in the kitchen and reminded me of the Ultimate Bake Shop type of scents with zucchini bread thrown in. I enjoyed it but would no go out of my way to buy it. But it does have me wanting to order from Tia again. Been far too long.

CFTKR Wildberry Coconut Fluff has a light to medium throw in my bedroom and was a berry medley with some vanilla thrown in. Not a dud by any means but not a repurchase for me.

Sniff My Tarts Serendipity Raspberry Guava Strawberry Daiquiri, woooo! What a mouthful. And was a nose full! A strong throwing juicy ripe berry scent full of sugar, fruit syrups and yummy candy flavors. I could not melt a scent like this everyday but once in a while it hits a home run. Repurchase? Sure! But might swap out the serendipity for something else, it got kind of lost under the berries I think.

CFTKR Lime Leaf and Lily threw medium in the kitchen and living room. Tart floral limes and greenery created a calming and pretty atmosphere. But for some reason I don't imagine myself buying it again. 

Glitterati Blueberry Cobbler threw medium strong and gave out the most yummy blueberries in syrup scent. No bakery and no cream. Just a blueberry preserves type of aroma. Would not repurchase though. Not because I didn't enjoy, it but I don't crave those types of scents usually.

That basket felt like it lasted longer than usual. Though I am burning a Bath & Body Works Stress Relief candle these days and not many of my wax tarts really jive with that herbal scent. My second Bathing Garden order has shipped. Rosegirls is opening for chunk tarts in a mere couple days. But what I am really excited for is the new Maggie Stiefvater book that wraps up The Raven Boys Cycle that I pre-ordered. from Fountain Books in Richmond, Virginia. It will come autographed and doodled on by Maggie. So cool. It is a fast paced series that I really enjoy. I eventually want to order them all from Fountain Books, as I borrowed them from my friend Tricia to read. Are you looking forward to anything in the mail?


  1. Those pictures are a mix of creepy and sad, indeed. Abandoned building are so sad to me, especially when they're not even cleaned out. And that's without even getting into the lives that were abandoned. =(

    I get excited about signed books! That's the author that has the Linger series, right? Someday I will get to those books.

    Coming in my mail will be a themed box from House of Usher, and my mini melters order from RG. I'm super anxious for that House of Usher box because I'm totally unfamiliar with their stuff. lol


    1. It was a heavy day for sure. Sometimes overwhelming with a bombardment of feelings. Abandoned places are sad. I feel like a bit of the past and memories carry on in those places. Like the shell of a soul.

      Me too!!! Especially when it is an author I Fangirl over. Maggie did Scorpio Races too! And yes, the Shiver series. Wolves of Mercy Falls it is called. Good!!!

      I am excited to see you HoU box too!!!!! I hope it is creamy good and meets all your expectations.

  2. Hysterical about Glitterati's blueberry cobbler. I just wrote how mine did not smell melt worthy! That is so weird that your melt was 100% opposite. I'm sending you a scent shot just so you can tell me I'm not crazy. Perhaps the oils were different ....

    1. Oh that sucks! We should have traded because you appreciate blueberry scents more than I do. It was nice just not unique enough for me to crave. I am sure with the wax she is pumping out there may be some human error. And oil differences are huge too. The same named oil from a different company can be hugely different.

  3. Looks like some yummy meltings! I put a ton of scents in my last basket so still melting through it. I just received a Sleepytime Sampler from a vendor called Cosmic Gems. I adore the scents; cold sniff thoughts up on the blog. I'm still waiting on two nail polishes and considering placing a second order from Kitty's Konfections. I loved the scents from my first order and Kitty is a lovely person to interact with. From her restock on Friday I most hope to get Victorian Tea shop (almond macarons + tea&cakes) and Amanda's Aspiration (Volcano + bubblegum.)

    1. Cosmic Gens sounds fun! I hope you get everything you want for KK. Thank you for sharing a cup with me. Lily does seem fun and interactive with her customers <3 Cool that she has a tart with your name on it.