Friday, April 22, 2016

Sonoma Scent Studio: Jour Ensoleille

Sonoma Scent Studio Jour Ensoleille takes my breath away.

Laurie's creations all posses key traits that ensnare my senses and always pull a smile from my lips: golden honey thick tones, warmth, and phantoms of nature encapsulated in liquid. Jour Ensoleille, or sunny day, achieves the same. Dappled sunlight grazing off late season orange blossoms, ivory petals turning antique in anticipation of their fall from the fruit they strove to create. White thin stars of confederate jasmine curl among the wild citrus on green vines that reach forth soft yet tenacious tendrils. The two blossoms merge beautifully in their habitat and on the skin. Beeswax lends a slightly boozy and golden air to the bouquet, providing a footpath in the woods for amber and my beloved labdanum to walk through. This is a sunny day, a golden sunlight shaft filled sunny day. 

A 1 ml dauber is $3.50, 3 ml spray is $11.00, 5 ml travel spray in a case is $18.00 (I love this option!), 17 ml bottle is $45, and a 34 ml bottle is $80.00. When you order your can request a sample in the comments section and this was one I requested from a previous purchase. Laurie's handcrafted fragrances are usually parfum strength and have the best longevity of any other house I have worn.


  1. Deliciously indulgent. This scent makes my mouth water. Is it supposed to do that?

    1. It sure can! Honestly, all of Laurie's scent make my mouth water. She creates such deep golden scents that I cannot help but swoon. Did I give you any samples of hers?