Monday, April 11, 2016

Scent & Sensibility Fine Artisan Bath & Body

These products were provided by Scent & Sensibility for review purposes.

Scent & Sensibility has a stunningly gorgeous Instagram feed and that is how I came in contact with Jolene, the owner. She is very sweet and has an eye and a talent for creating beautiful soaps. Her company is based out of Canada and ships to the US. All prices on her site are in CAD.

Lime in the Coconut- I love the swirl pattern on this soap. It is an end piece so I cannot see it on the back but I imagine the bars in the middle of the loaf are even more stunning. The scent reminds me of an old Florida beach house, weathered wood, the ghost of sunscreen and a hint of lime in the air from the surrounding citrus trees. This fragrance oil is much more subdued in soap than it is in wax, but it makes for a more rustic experience. It lathered the thickest and quickest of the three and felt wonderfully fluffy and clean, rinsing almost squeaky. Excellent. The soaps run $7 CAD.

Conditioner- You can choose your own scent for the conditioner and an 8 ounce bottle is $15 CAD. Mine was scented in lavender I believe. It had a thick, nourishing and slippery texture that allowed me to finger comb my hair nicely in the shower. It rinsed leaving my hair soft and ready for styling. I enjoyed it and would love to try it in other scents too. Though I am partial to lavender. It matched the scent of my Bodygoodies lavender lotion bar.

Guest soap- This fun little molded soap smells of bright tart green apples. I just love the scent! Maybe because it is spring and I am overjoyed to be getting into the fresh fruits and soft florals, but this little guy is hitting the spot. I do not see a shape like this on the site currently (though the sheep are quite fun and the felted soaps are sending me into raptures) but I imagine it is maybe how she does free samples or something. It lathered copiously and rinsed clean. My favorite of the three.

Peacock- On the card she called this a Peacock soap. I could not find it on the site, but I did see one called the Festival of Lights that looks very similar. Isn't this hunk gorgeous? I do not get much as far as scent other than the soap base. It very well may be simply an unscented soap. It lathered quickly with hand friction and provided a thorough bathing experience, efficiently getting me clean and removing the grime from the day.

I enjoyed trying these new soaps and would love to experience the cute felted soaps and bath truffles. I have never tried a felted soap. Have you? 


  1. I have not heard of this vendor, or tried felted soaps. I wonder if that Peacock soap is a mish-mash of leftovers like what wax vendors do with 'mystery tarts.'


    1. Oh! Could be?! Can that be done with soap? That might be cool! I do love the way it looks.

  2. Those are all beautiful! I LOVE FELTED SOAPS!!!! There is a local goat farm near me that makes great felted soaps - I got one about a year and a half ago and I loved it. I had tried them before, but that one was the best. I keep meaning to go out there and check them out at their farm store (got it at a local craft fair), but still haven't done it.

    That peacock soap is beautiful, and that guest soap is so cute!

    1. Then I need to totally try some felted soaps. And goat milk ones would be even better. They look so dang cute. I wonder if anyone near me sells them?