Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Bathing Garden: Circus, In Bloom. Marie Antoinette... again.

My better-late-than-never Circus Collection order I was mentioning last week from The Bathing Garden. Here she is. Like I had said, I originally did not order from it when it was released but after diving into In Bloom and Marie Antoinette, I did some Circus scouring and came up with quite a few that I wanted. I see that this collection is still up, and I think it may stay there until the end of April if you see anything here you might be interested in getting.

I ended up picking up another Brown Sugar Cream Rose Bouquet and Lemon Curd & Rose Milk. As usual, each clamshell is $3.75. Actual shipping is charged and many free samples are included.

Victorian Midway- Spiced apple funnel cake, pumpkin frosting, and cinnamon brown sugar. Deb. This one is calling your name. This scent only comes in this little under 2 ounce bundt shape ($2). But it is gorgeous and smells sooooo wickedly good. I should get another one. Spicy cinnamon and fall filled apples and pumpkins liberally applied with sugar. A teeny tiny suggestion of bakery but nothing overpowering. 

Starlight Soda Pop- Citrus soda pop with vanilla and light woods. Fizzy vanilla woods? Ummmm yes. Don't ask me how it works but it does. Sprite and ginger ale meets light vanilla musk and blonde woods. Should have been a two bar order. Unique and uplifting.

Fried Candy Donut- Berry donuts and cotton candy. Wildberry mousse jelly donuts. I get heavy wildberry mousse. Not much on the cotton candy on cold sniff. Not a favorite of mine but if you love fruity bakery this is made just for you.

Poppet's Coaster Ride- Strawberry peach jam, lemon curd and raspberry cake bites. The lemon and raspberry are the strongest with strawberries and peaches pulling up more quietly. This reminds me a little bit of the Cheshire Cat one Shannon does for Alice in Wonderland. A juicy and tart summer scent. 

Tunnel of Love- Red velvet raspberry cheesecake with rose glace pudding. You know what. I like Shannon's raspberry and I think I like her cheesecake too. I have shied away from cheese anything in wax due to gross sour experiences but I think it was just the wrong ones. This one is creamy and sweet with no tangy note. The rose glace smells like Rose Jam and it is just a small dollop to add beauty and sweetness. Excited about this one. It reminds me of her Painting The Roses Red but more creamy and mellow.

And another shot because the glitter is hypnotizing.

The Fortune Teller- Cola drenched funnel cake with butterscotch cream soda. I mean, how could I not be curious about this one. And look how lovely?! I cannot wrap my head or nose around this one, mystical indeed. The bottom layer smells like ginger and lemon spiked Coca-Cola and cinnamon butter cream while the top is butterbeer. I can't even say if I like it.... if I hate it. I have to melt it for sure. I can't right now because I let my Bathing Garden sit for a while usually. But when I melt this one I will report back.

The Contortionist- Green tea and ginger with cherry blossom cream. Love. Sophisticated, thoroughly Japanese and beautiful. Sweet cream filled cherry blossoms and clean refreshing green tea. 

Magician's Bonfire- Bonfire, lavender and chamomile. Sweet and calming lavender with a touch of sweet chamomile and the merest hint of woodsmoke from the bonfire. No acrid or sour fire tones. Excellently blended. I love it.

Ringmaster's Paramour- Sugar, rock candy, berries, and effervescent bubbles. This one is all about the soda pop, Sierra Mist really. I don't get more than that at the moment. But isn't she gorgeous? 

My extra Lemon Curd & Rose Milk and Brown Sugar Cream Rose Bouquet.

Easter Basket- Vanilla orange cake and sugar crystals. This one and the next are from her In Bloom Collection. Dreamsicle with cotton candy on top. Sweet, mellow and yummy.

Blackberry Jam & Lemon Curd- Shannon's lemon curd knocks my nose out. So strong, sweet and tart. I love it. Paired with her candy sweet blackberry jam it is perfect. I am shocked I left this one out with my first order. It takes me back to her Etsy days.

Watermelon Strawberry Cake- White cake, strawberry, cotton candy, pink watermelon. This is part of the Marie Antoinette Collection. Deb mentioned this one and I could not get it out of my mind so I swooped in on it. The watermelon and cake stick out the most with a tiny tart hit of strawberry. There is a faint plastic undertone to this one but I think it will leave once melted. I think it is coming from the cake. 

Free Samples: 
Chocolate Fonce Framboise- Chocolate covered raspberries. A little tartness. Decent but not my cuppa.

Gardenia Coconut Cream- Yes, please. See previous order post for details on this one and the following: Pirate Punch, Mermaid Tears, Pink Sand, and Take Me To The Sea.

Free clamshell in Bah, Humbug. LOVE. I get sweet evergreen boughs. Maybe a smattering of embers and mint. So good. I may even melt this in my bedroom in a few weeks even though it is obviously from the winter restock. 

Ok fellas. I am going to place my Take Me To The Sea order at the end of the month and then I will be slowing my roll on the wax game a bit. I have a CFTKR order and a Sniff My Tarts custom loaf order and my Rosegirls chunks pending, but after that I must melt. I know you wax heads understand. You've seen my hauls. I am ready to melt and enjoy for a bit. Plus I do have something up my sleeve but that will be shared in May. Are you melting? Enjoying? Hauling? 


  1. Okay, I think I might need to place a teeny tiny little order....


    1. If it is tiny make sure it includes Victorian Midway. I would share it.... But it would be hard >_< lol!!!!!! I am going back for one more if they are still there April 30th.

  2. Ugh, you are killing me with the TBG posts! My cart is all locked and loaded; just waiting for payday to roll around. *adds Victorian Midway to cart* I love your detailed descriptions and gorgeous photos: they help me narrow down what to get if I've never ordered from a vendor before. Slightly nervous about TBG due to weak throw experiences from gifted tarts in the past, but you have convinced me to order fresh tarts for myself and give her a fair shot. Plus they are quite possibly the most gorgeous smell goods products I've ever seen! I wish I could justify ordering scrubs also, but I already many and I don't use them super often. I'll just stick to the wax for now. <3 you and your lovely blog Julie! Hope you and the fam are well. :)

    1. LOL! Well... it will be a little bit before the next one so you get a TBG reprieve. Thank you Amanda, I try to give the best scent descriptions I can to help with making fragrance choices. I know every nose is different but hopefully I can help narrow down choices in some small way. TBG does have a wide range of throws like most vendors, but I really enjoy her tarts for my bedroom, so I find the throw to be good for that smaller area. I rarely melt her stuff in my larger bedroom/living room areas. I might with the Jelly Donut one if I decide to keep it. TBG doesn't work for everyone, not all vendors do, but I think it is great of you to try her out for yourself. I always try to make an effort to try a vendor before I write them off. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you are doing well. I have been thinking about you and your job/house hunt. I hope they are proving fruitful! <3