Monday, April 18, 2016

The Bathing Garden: Circus, In Bloom & Marie Antoinette Tarts

If there is one thing I adore about Shannon's tarts above all others, it is her ability to create truly beautiful scents with floral sweetness. The Bathing Garden has long been known for gorgeously crafted clamshells and perfectly balanced sugar scrubs, but creative blending is a hallmark as well. 

I had not ordered since fall and winter because the Circus collection was not ringing any chimes. But after In Bloom and Marie Antoinette collections were released (and I saw my beloved Gardenia Coconut Cream and Sleepy) I decided to revisit some Circus too while I was on a buying spree. I am separating the tarts from the scrubs this time because it is such a lengthy order. Hope you don't mind.  Her tarts are $3.75 each and actual shipping is paid.

Three bars in Gardenia Coconut Cream because it probably won't be available again until next spring. (Though to be fair, I can buy all that I want of it in the next three months or so since Shannon stays open). The gardenia is uber creamy and sweet, no harsh tones or funky notes. The buttery coconut does not have a ton of sweetness. A forever favorite.

Two clams in Sleepy and two clams in Brown Sugar Cream Rose Bouquet

Sleepy was one of my first pink peppermint experiences... geez... about 4 or 5 years ago now? Shannon adds a dollop of vanilla musk to hers and it sets it apart. The peppermint is not ultra icy and the Pink Sugar is featured more prominently. 

Liz sold me on Brown Sugar Cream Rose Bouquet, though to be honest I am not sure why I have not ever purchased this one. I love it! There is Rose Jam rounded out with clotted cream and brown sugar sprinkles. The creamed sugar takes the bright citrus edge off Rose Jam. I did not get this in a scrub initially but you can bet your biscuits I have it sitting in a cart right now waiting for the Sea collection to debut.

Two clamshells in Marie Antoinette's Boudoir and Glitter Cream Meringue were ordered. 

I know I adore Marie Antoinette's Boudoir. The fresh air, lotus blossoms and lily of the valley always have me second guessing it, thinking it will be very aquatic (which I can only do in small doses) but then I smell it and I float up to fragrance heaven on a little puff of joy. The sweet citrus and bamboo musk are highlighted by the fruits and flowers. A gorgeous, gorgeous scent.

I wish I had not got Glitter Cream Meringue. The ylang ylang, which I quite enjoy in perfume, is way too loud and screechy in this one. I am sure the jasmine (I love jasmine to pieces but she can be a loudmouth at times too) does not help either. I plan on blending this one with some sugary scent but I doubt I will use both bars. I don't hate it but it is not two bar worthy for me. 

The rest I bought only one bar of:

The Smitten Diaries- Starring vanilla laced coconut cream and a sprinkle of white flowers. Love. Should have bought two and will rectify that.

The Illusionist- Grapefruit, berries and orange laced with orange blossoms. Juicy sweet and not bitter at all. Lovely and rejuvenating.

Ruby Chandelier- Shannon has added a really cool feature where she creates a Scent of the Month now. You can buy it in various forms and in a bundle as well. This was the very first Scent of the Month. A flower heavy red grapefruit. Sweet, tart and powdery warm. I like it. This month it is Pixie Dust. I am thinking of getting the bundle option in that scent.

Ahhhhh... the old tried and true favorites: Lemon Curd and Rose Milk and Serendipity Cream Pie. 

The lemon curd is mouth watering juicy and tart. The perfect lemon. Add to that the soft creamy rose and I want to bathe in it. No weird curdled milk or sourness. Just a smooth light cream with rose water essence. 

Serendipity Cream Pie is very sweet and heavier on the coconut cream which I prefer. A dead on rendition of one of my favorite scents. 

And look how beautiful it is! Swooooooooon!

The last two clammies are in Breaking Violet (that name enthralls me) and Blueberry Lavender Sugar Cake.

Breaking Violet is part of the In Bloom Collection for spring and features violet, vetiver and vanilla cream. It is a violet dream. The veitver adds a bit of green while the vanilla cream has an almost coconut tendency. It is dreamy in name, in appearance and scent.

Blueberry Lavender Sugar Cake is one I have never tried but heard a lot about from Ashley Watkins who used to blog under ScentsMakeMyDay. She loved it and I am glad I tried it. Blueberry cake by far is the most dominant. The lavender is just a whiff from the outskirts of the blueberry cake. 

Because I had to. Those wings. 

Now on to the free samples that are all from the upcoming Take Me To The Sea collection...

Calypso- What a beautiful sand dollar. My nose translates this as a tropical evergreen and floral with a smidgen of coconut. Love.

Kraken Berry- Strawberries and cream with a side of beach. Divine.

Mermaid Tears- A classic favorite of mine. Tart Key limes and ocean breeze.

Take Me To The Sea- Driftwood and sea shore and slight salty tang. 

Pirate Punch- Strong yummy coconut and seaside fruits. Perfection.

Pink Sand- Pink Sugar blended with what smells like Sun and Sand to me. I love this one too. I remember it used to come with a little gold moonshell (or some people call it shark's eye shell) embedded in the corner. 

In dreamland with this Bathing Garden order. I do have another order placed that is more full with Circus scents since she is taking those down soon, as well as a few more In Bloom ones I missed (Blackberry Lemon Curd! How could I miss that one?!). Though I should have gotten one more Illusionist. I plan on grabbing the Rose Cream Brown Sugar scrub, another Smitten Diaries and then going buck wild on the Sea collection. Did you buy any Bathing Garden as of late? Any favorites? 


  1. Thank you for your wonderful review. Gorgeous photos, as always. I do have a question for you. I think I remember your review on Vintage Chic. Did you, by chance, happen to do one on Mama Mia. It is my favorite, and I was wondering how Shannon's Coconut Cream compared. You may have sold me on Smitten Diaries. Thanks again, I thoroughly enjoy your post.

    1. Hi Cheryl! Thank you! It helps that Shannon's tarts are always so stunningly gorgeous, it is impossible to take an ugly pic of them. I prefer Shannon's version to VCS. It is more creamy. Kirby's is more gardenia with a hint of lemon. They are both great but Shannon's wins. Plus it is much much easier to get. Are you ordering from the Sea collection? Any ones you are excited for?

    2. Thank you so much. I will be ordering another CG then. I am ordering from the Sea collection. I am super excited to get more of my #1 favorite scent, Pearl of the Ocean. I am pretty much going to try all of the new ones in the collection. Salty Siren and Mermaid Tears has my interest piqued the most.

    3. I will make sure I pick up Pearl of the Ocean then <3 Salty Siren sounds refreshing! I love a great salty lime.

  2. So many old time favorites here - Gardenia Coconut Cream! Serendipity Cream Pie! Lemon Curd and Rose Milk! Pink Sand! Sleepy! I may have to pick up a couple of these to keep in my wax museum. Those scents bring back so many memories of the excitement that I first felt when getting into wax. And the Violet and blueberry lavender ones don't sound half bad either. Glad to see TBG still alive and kicking!

    1. YES!!! It was like the perfect storm of an opening and now the beachy tarts soon too?! I die.

      Lol! Your wax museum <3 at least these are pretty enough to exhibit! They are highly nostalgic for me too. I can't tell you how many countless hours I spent in a bubble bath just scrolling through Shannon's sold tarts on Etsy, wishing I could smell them all.

  3. Those seashell freebies looked like they were made for you specifically! I've read over the latest TBG email numerous times and there is no doubt I will be ordering, especially since your last BoB post.
    Pirate Punch is incredibly strong and long lasting, I hope you love it.
    Can we talk about how fun it is to open a package from Shannon, all those tissue wrapped clams ...

    1. I felt like they were made just for me! Lol!! And the scents are perfect!! Good to know about Pirate Punch. It is on my to-buy list.

      You are totally right. She lovingly wraps each item like a special gift. And she is so very generous with samples.

  4. Seeing all those gorgeous clams makes me want to order! Does she have many bakery type scents? It's been forever since I've ordered because they were never strong enough for me. Maybe I should revisit.


    1. Aren't they so pretty?! The only collection with a lot of bakery right now is Circus... And it will come down soon so if any strike your fancy you should pounce. Did you try her stuff in your Glade? I have great luck with her tarts usually on my hot plates. I melted Ever Night the other evening and it was a strong medium.

  5. Oh my goodness, they're so pretty! Looks like a great haul!