Friday, April 15, 2016

Country Lane Keepsakes: Tiniest Order Ever

I have been wanting to order from Country Lane Keepsakes for a while, but other openings kept taking precedence. An opportunity cropped up from my friend and co-worker who wanted me to order wax for her to gift to her mother and sister. She said I could order a few things for myself for the trouble. There really was only one thing I wanted: Country Lane Keepsake's Warm Winter Vanilla Sugar. Lynda gifted me a sample and I loved it. This little 4 ounce bag of it was about $3.95 I believe. 

It is a cozy rich vanilla scent that throws strong and has just a wisp of outdoors and spice. But not much at all, just enough to keep it from being a plain Jane vanilla. Enough to add uniqueness. Repurchase again for sure.

I ordered the Warm Winter Vanilla Sugar and kept the free samples. I gifted her some LSC, VCS, and CFTKR to add variety to the gift baskets she was making. Carol makes very generous free sample bags just like her mentor. If you are curious these are the scents I chose for my friend and her sister and mom: Pomelo Sage, Strudel Spice Cake, Fresh Picked Strawberries, Hansel & Gretel's House, White Tea, and Deep Dish Apple Pie. I tried to stick with safe scents and have a little variety. She seemed very happy.

On to the free samples!

Fresh Picked Strawberries- Smells just like Candles From The Keeping Room, which is great news for me. And this shape is perfection. A blooming blossom scented like FPS... can't get much better. I like the FPS in the candy ribbons too. My friend melted hers and said it smelled incredible.

Strawberry Cookie Crumb Pie- A yummy jam filled cookie scent.

Mint Mojito- Strong mint leaf and a touch of clear rum and lime. All it needs is some fizz. 

Sugar Milk- I don't get much on cold sniff, but I probably won't enjoy it much anyway. Milk is iffy at the best of times and more nope than yeah if not blended.

Raspberry Cotton Candy- Not a realistic raspberry, but ultra candyish with the addition of cotton candy. The raspberry leans more grape and wildberries. I look forward to melting this and seeing how it performs.

Vanilla Peach- Peaches and a touch of cream. These cherubs are cute.

Grandma's Lemon Cake- Yep. Lemon cake! 

I am excited to melt these tarts from Country Lane Keepsakes and am happy to know there are easy to order options for some of my very favorite CFTKR scents. I look forward to placing a larger order of my very own. Have you tried CLK? Any favorites?


  1. I have indeed tried CLK, and my haul post went up today too. =)
    I'm itching to place another order already.


    1. I thought that was funny! I see we got a few similar freebies. I think you have me hooked.

  2. Julie, you really need to explore the spa/clean/fresh/perfume/cologne blends....absolutely fantastic. Moon Shadow is a constant on my bedside table. I also like Karma, Ooh La La, Kimono Flower, Havana and several others. But honestly, ALL of the scents I've ordered have been impressive. This is one of those vendors that will lead you down the pleasurable trail of true addiction!

    1. Oh I plan on it! You know I love my herbal/floral scents <3 I am quite enjoying her wax and since I know she trained with the master, she knows what she is doing. I foresee her growing like Carol. But while she is small I will enjoy the ease of ordering.

  3. Looks & sounds like a great haul!!

    1. It was perfect. And I look forward to buying more next time :-)