Friday, April 29, 2016

Aftelier: Body Oil & Hair Elixirs

Aftelier Body Oil & Hair Elixirs are incredible. I have been using Mandy's Ancient Resins Hair and Body Oil & Hair Elixir for a few years now and it just gets better with age. After falling head over heels for Ancient Resins, I decided to sample a few of her other scents offered. 

Patchouli Spice highlights aged wood, smooth powdery dark patchouli and soft antique spices that emit the origin of their sources rather than the end product: earth, plant and wood. The light weight oil glides on effortlessly and sinks into the skin like a lover's touch, deep and nourishing. There is an indulgence here. A velvety fragrance trail of plushness that gets imparted from warm hands to body, translated into self adulation, a luxurious pampering, a personal inventory of sensation. Patchouli Spice offers the perfect meditative vehicle for just that experience.

Chocolate Saffron is all about the high end gourmand. Dutch cocoa powder holding nuances of coffee, woods, and vanilla pods paired with yellow and orange floral saffron create a stunning beauty of a fragrance. The melding of the spice and chocolate brings forth herbal greenery, amber warmth, and a touch of peony sweetness. An exotic and mysterious aroma with the same great nourishing power on the flesh.

Pear, Fir and Coffee was the first to pop into my cart. Gaia, from The Non-Blonde piqued my curiosity for this scent years ago. Frolicking in a coffee sack at Whole Foods? Yes, please. The sweet pear floats up first and exists in the space of air that never really touches skin and fades quickly, the closer my nose comes through the layers of atmosphere surrounding my body to press against the source, the stronger the coffee becomes. The dark roasted beans pair with primitive wood firs that smell more of bark than needle. More roots than resin. There is a softness here in the fragrance. It is not jarring with caffeine and evergreen. Same delicious airy formula.

These three scents come in a 100ml bottle with a pump dispenser for $50 each. The Ancient Resins comes in a 50ml bottle for $40 due to the higher priced components used to create it. I highly recommend Ancient Resins if you love woody incense. Of the three I sampled here I am eyeing up a bottle of the Chocolate Saffron and Pear, Fir and Coffee. Oh heck, the Patchouli Spice too. Who am I kidding? The longevity of these scents is a few hours before fading slowly. I do pair them with complimentary perfumes but they are amazing to wear on their own too. Have you tried body and hair oils? Which of these scents speaks to you? Aftelier has a great sampling program. You really have nothing to lose.

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