Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Melting Basket 63

Tarts I would buy again from the last basket include: CFTKR Jill's Strawberry Cream Filled Jelly Roll, Strawberry Noel, LSC Peppermint Marshmallow Snow, SMT Rose Jam/Iced Sugar Cookies/Pink Sticky Mallow, Candy Panda Fruit Loops.

Candy Panda- Lord of Chaos
Candy Panda- Pale Blue Eyes
Candy Panda- Uluru
ScentSationals- Cottage Window <3 gift
VCS- Romeo & Juliet <3 gift
VCS- Meet Me In St. Louis
Sassy Girl Aroma- Jenny Juice <3 gift
Sassy Girl Aroma- Serendipity Strawberry Bread Coconut Cream Pie <3 gift
Sassy Girl Aroma- Cherry Pistachio Coconut Cream Pie Birthday Cake <3 gift
Rosegirls- Save The Drama For Your Mama <3 gift
Super Tarts- Snape <3 gift
Sweet Fixations- Zucchini French Toast and Pound Birthday Cake <3 gift
Sniff My Tarts- Serendipity Raspberry GUava Strawberry Daiquiri
Zeep Bath- Rose Jelly
CFTKR- Apricot Filled Birthday Cake
CFTKR- Lime Leaf and Lily
CFTKR- Buttered Cream Soda
CFTKR- Wildberry Coconut Fluff
Valhalla- Pendragon's Passion
Pocket Full of Peonies- Skinny Dippin'
Pocket Full of Peonies- Yummy Yummy Yummy
Glitterati- Blueberry Cobbler

If you would like any of these to be reviewed in depth, please list the scent below and I would happy to do so just for you. 

We spent last weekend at my in-laws home in southwest Florida. They live right on a canal and have a pontoon boat that we love to take for a ride out into the Gulf with when we visit. This time of year I crave the sunshine and beach. This is when my mermaid soul really thrives.

Lover's Key near Ft. Myers is really an absolutely beautiful state park. All natural and protected, it thrives with flora and fauna. We reach it by boat, passing a tiny island where dozens of dogs frolic in the water. 

On our way to Lover's Key we saw a couple of manatees, a few dolphins and a bald eagle. The water was murky with churning and the sky was hazy but the breezes and sunshine made up for the lack of clarity and abundance of grey.

Barnacles, sea shells, horseshoe crabs, driftwood, and seaweed all made an appearance.

Summer is pretty much here in Florida. And I am ready for it. 

Do you enjoy the beach? Boating? Parks? Have you found the perfect beach scents for your home or body? I love CB I Hate Perfume's At The Beach 1966 and The Bathing Garden's Sea of Tears. Please share yours.


  1. Cottage Window, and the SF zucpukey please. =)

    I do not enjoy the beach or boating or anything like that since I can't swim, and an incident many years ago has caused a strong distrust of all people when I'm around water, so no, I'll be well inland.


    1. Sure thing!

      Oh no. Sounds like you have quite the harrowing tale behind that. Jerks are no fun. Do you like the outdoors in general? Hiking is something I would love to under take on a regular basis.

    2. I like being outside and I think I'd like hiking. I don't like camping though.

      Have you ever gone geocaching?


    3. No but I have always wanted to. It seems like a fun modern day treasure hunt! Have you? I would love to use a metal detector on the beach too.

    4. I've never done it but was excited to find that people in my area do, that there are spots right around here to 'hunt.' My sister and her husband were doing it a few years ago when they lived in Iowa.

      I have a coworker who is HUGELY into metal detectors. He's been doing it for years and has invested in a really good detector. We've been trying to get a time when he can come out here and see what he can find on our property. Our house is over 100 years old so we're excited to see what treasures might be here.


  2. I missed your last melting basket so I have to have double in this one! Joking, it'll just be whichever sound interesting :P

    Candy Panda Pale Blue Eyes, Sniff My Tarts Serendipity blah blah blah blend (LOL, it's so long, but it's the only SMT I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about!), CFTKR Lime Leaf and Lily and Wildberry Coconut Fluff, and Glitterati Blueberry Cobbler. Is that too much? I think I got carried away...

    It sounds like you had an amazing weekend! We're waiting for the warmer summer months here to make a trip to some of Korea's beaches. I love anything beach related! As for scents... coconut scents always make me think of beachy Summer times because of a sun screen my mom had my siblings and I use all throughout our childhood. Every time I wash my hair with my Curly Wurly shampoo I get a little more excited for Summer!

    1. Not too much at all!

      I can't wait to see pics of Korea's beaches! Sunscreen and coconut call to me too. But a really good coconut sunscreen tart has been elusive for me. TBG had a Beach Bum that smelled good. But it has been ages since I have seen it. I wonder now though if it was a Bobbi Brown dupe.

  3. I absolutely love the beach, it soothes the soul. I like to walk along and look for treasures while lost in thought. Soaking up the rays while reading a book ( sunscreen on of course ) I love everything about the beach. Well except when sand gets in areas you don't want it lol

    1. Lol! I will take a scratchy sand filled bottom for all the lovely reasons you mentioned! I feel the exact same way. I love shelling and then making things with them after. And reading on the beach is pure indulgence.

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous! So glad you were able to get away for a bit! :)

    1. Thanks Tricia! It was a nice weekend. For Mother's Day we are going to AMI and I cannot wait!