Sunday, August 24, 2014

FuturePrimitive: Owlette's End Soap

The complex, refined scent of a quality chai tea. The scent description: simmering black tea, clary sage, and coariander leaves, nutmeg dust and cinnamon sticks, sticky dark orange oil and blackened cardamom pods. Less peppery than most chai scents, it is smoothed and enhanced by the orange oil. A gorgeous, brilliant scent. The lather builds many tiny soap bubbles that leave the skin a refreshed, blank slate.


  1. Hi Julie! This sounds great. A soapy friend raved about this one last year.

    Did you find any fall projects? I was thinking of making orange clove pomander balls for the holidays. I've never done them before but supposedly the orange hardens instead of rotting. I might have to see it to believe it. :)

    1. Hi Jean! It is pretty great! Glad I chose it. Do you have a favorite fall soap?

      I hope next weekend I can get a chance to grab some things for a project. Maybe something the girls and I do together. Pomanders sound great! I didn't know they would dry either. If you do them first and have tips please share!

    2. I tried this out this morning, the little scrubby charcoal bits were a nice surprise. I like the cardamom also, it reminds me of effervescence like champagne. I hope your part 2 arrives soon!

    3. I still have a nice chunk of this left I am saving for a few weeks longer. I like this one too. Glad you enjoyed it!! I received my shipping notice from the UK! More FuturePrim treasures en route.