Thursday, August 28, 2014

FuturePrimitive: Mama Didn't Listen Soap

Mama Didn't Listen, So I Told the Bees. Sweet name and lovely soap. Lemon zest, fresh green sprigs of herbs and a dollop of golden amber honey is what this rustic soap embodies. Friction creates a plethora of whimsical bubbles that whisk away the grime of the day. As the bubbles emerge, so does the orange blossom note. While somewhat hidden in the bar, it releases nicely in the air when used.


  1. This is a beautiful floral, I can't pick out the notes but it reminds me of walking by a large honeysuckle bush or a grove of flowering trees. I still have some of this one from last year also.

    Like you said, so many soaps so little time! Thankfully the scent has held up really well in both this and Lughnasadh.

    1. You are in spot Jean. It is a gorgeous soap. Oooo, now that you mention it holds up well I might need to spring for a whole bar. I think this would be a beautiful spring and summer soap.