Friday, August 22, 2014

Round Robin Deuce!

Lightening struck twice. Another Round Robin swung by these parts and came to visit the Johnson house. The timing was a bit rushed as we were getting ready to head out the door for a visit to southwest Florida for the weekend. My OCD, gotta-be-there-promptly standards mocked me as I tried to fit in my exchanges, weights, photos and what not so I could ship it the next day. Little did I know I would have been better off waiting until Monday like a normal person. It turns out Bonita Springs post office is closed on Saturdays! What?! Do I take it for granted that our Lakeland branches are open on Saturdays? How about y'all? Can you go in and have packages mailed and weighed and buy stamps from a person at a counter on a Saturday? Just curious. Anyway, for expediting, I chose UPS. Which, did not ship until Monday afternoon. :-) Joke is on me for being a rushy-rusherton.

My put-backs, weighing 49.5oz. Please ignore the horrid artificial lighting of a 9pm photo shoot before being carefully placed into the packed box. The following are my take outs, at 48.3oz. In much better, natural lighting upon our return.

Rosegirls Ooey Gooey Caramel/Macintosh Madness/Butter Brickle- I love the sharpness of Rosegirls' Butter Brickle. It hits me right in the back of the nose like a ton of caramel coated toffee bricks. This muffin smells like the most indulgent caramel apple ever created. Like, just looking at it creates a pocket of 10 pounds added to your outer thigh.

Rosegirls Baked Zucchini Bread/Celtic Moonspice/Royal Sugar Cookie- Snickerdoodle cookies to the 10th degree. Extra spicy, extra bakery, extra everything.

Rosegirls Simply Amazing Bakery- Not entirely sure what all is in here but my nose grabs some apple pie, some pink sugar and the barest hint of spice. I really love it. I had one chunk in my sampler and once I melted it I pooh poohed the fact I did not order any at this last opening. But wait! Look what the Good Lord saw fit to bring across my path once more! Thanks ladies!

Rosegirls I Can't Help Falling In Love- ....with this chunk! Strawberries. Must be more. Let me go investigate... ooooo... strawberry jam, cotton candy and sinfully sweet pops. I do not know what sinfully sweet pops are but there is the faintest bakery note. This is very potent with a tad tartness.

I chose several LSC shots for many reasons. 1. I am slap out. 2. Have not been able to place an order since the last time they did an announced opening time, eons ago. 3. They are pretty darn good. Please forgive me.

Lasting Scent Candles Cinnamon Sugar Donuts- Great traditional spiced donut scent. On par with the Butterfly Lane one I just melted and adored.

Lasting Scent Candles Candyland Dreamin'- Peppermint and maybe marshmallow? Clear, sweet peppermint candy disk waiting to crunch under my teeth.

Lasting Scent Candles Raspberry Love- Thick, jammy raspberry sauce, the kind that Outback Steakhouse zig zags over their New York Cheesecake.

Lasting Scent Candles Toasted Fireside- Nice dupe of Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Fireside. Gooey, warm vanilla marshmallows just barely touching the smoke.

Lasting Scent Candles Pumpkin Filled Twinky- Creamy, spice free pumpkin with a tease of a perfume note. Maybe that is the natural chemical a twinkie emits, that lone perfume note? I like it. Different.

CFTKR Creamy Peppermint Serendipity- I have always wanted to try CFTKR peppermint. It is nice and icy. The serendipity take a backseat, but you know serendipity, it wants to be a backseat driver. So it nudges its way through the ice blast of mint.

CFTKR Celtic Moonspice- LoLo.... how I love our love of Celtic Moonspice. This one came recommended and I am thrilled to possess it. Pure, sugared cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg, maybe a pinch of clove.

CFTKR Apple Cobbler Delight- Minimally spiced apples. Not much in the way of cobbler dough but very nice and mellow.

CFTKR Fresh Picked Strawberry- Strawberry perfection. From a gal who has spent many hours stemming flats of strawberries at her kitchen sink until her lower back ached and wrists twinged, I know a realistic strawberry aroma. This is it. I have only ever had the pleasure of getting this as a sample once and I am happy to have it once again. I have not had much luck ordering from CFTKR in the past few months, but hopefully that will turn around.

Ava's Country Cupboard Autumn Wreath- Dried apples, cinnamon bark and potpourri in a glass bowl displayed on a crocheted doily.

Ava's Country Cupboard Pumpkin Marshmallow Crunch- Spiced pumpkin with a dry, crunchy cookie note. Cuteness abounds in these, my first waxy pumpkins.

Rainbow Melts Sugar Cookie Zucchini Brickle- I wanna eat this Rice Krispie shaped tart. The zucchini is extremely creamy and mild. No Fritos-Vomit-Feet-Chips tang that sometimes accompanies zucchini. The brickle hides its teeth too. It smells like a rich gourmet sugar cookie.

Makes Scents Honey Drizzled Gingerbread- A warm sweet cinnamon spiced donut. Lovely!

Rainbow Melts Gooey Caramel Cider-  Apple cinnamon mulled cider goodness. Not sure if I can locate the caramel, but it may come through when warmed.

 Sniff My Tarts Peppermint Noel- Another beautifully cold and creamy peppermint. I love how I can feel this tingle inside my nose. Excellent.

Sniff My Tarts Pink Noel- Pink Sugar and Vanilla Bean Noel combine to create a gorgeous relaxing scent. Vanilla and strawberry cotton candy perched on a stark white paper cone.

Vintage Chic Scents Film Noir- These roses from VCS are pretty to gaze upon. This scent embodies cinnamon donuts generously glazed with vanilla bean royal frosting.

Beezy Pink Loopy Loops- One of my favorites from Mr. Beezy. It is just a plain 'ol pink fruit loop scent but so strong, soooo good. A fun crowd pleaser.

Ten Digit Creations Honey Lemon- Brilliant, just brilliant. Musky, mellow, sensual. This honey is not sickly sweet or overpowering. It lends a golden light to the fragrance. Not a honey and lemon candy or drink. More of an abstract modern honey and lemon high end perfume. Very unique.

Beezy Cotton Candy Frosted Twinkie- Candy scented dolls and stickers. Fun and funky with no actual cotton candy or twinkies but a bright pop art rendition of said treats.

Lake Providence Lodge Country Cottage- A muted version of a country craft store. 

Haley's Heavenly Scents Raspberry Zinger Twinkies- Almost a blackberry butter jam cookie feel with a helping of coconut and cake. Excited to have some more HHS in my life.

Up the Creek Scents The Cookie Bakery- These cookies are so chock full of vanilla, buttery richness they *almost* lean into zucchini bread territory. Very nice.

Tiffany Candles Lemonade Pink Sugar- Nice mellow pink sugar that sweetens up a tart lemonade. I think these lil chunkies will be great in the wall plug-in warmer in the girls' bathroom.

I am so excited and thankful to be a part of another awesome Round Robin! Smelling scents I would never think to combine or order, trading wax that I have multiples of to get more variety, vendors I have never experienced, and new friends made. Thank you ladies!


  1. Yay Julie!!! They all look so beautiful laid out like that! I think you picked all of my absolute favorites, excellent taste! Sinfully sweet pops is a toffee cake scents and Candyland Dreamin is peppermint and lavender. Thanks again for participating and I hope you enjoy all your new goodies =)

    1. Thank you so much Jacqui for including me :-D It was exciting opening that box! Sinfully sweet pops is toffee cake?! I need more sinfully sweet pops in my life. I would never have guessed lavender to be in Candyland dreamin' the peppermint is so good and strong it is all I can focus on. <3 I am definitely enjoying these. My nose, she is happy. Have a great weekend!