Saturday, August 2, 2014

MIssouri River Soap: Wax Tart & Soap Haul

Cuteness abound!!! My first order with Missouri River Soap is full of colorful shapes, bright fun aromas and attention to detail.

The bubble mailer was packed with care. The samples came in the aqua and white polka dot paper bag.

Wax! When Holly posted the wax tart scent list for this opening on Facebook, little pink hearts flashed in my eyeballs. They are even better in real life. All were $2.75 a pack, except the Fruity Rice Krispies, those were $3.00.

This soap came home with me too. $5.75 for a bar of relaxing schmexiness. Sweet, minty man is a great description. My Duck Dynasty guy (sans beard) will probably use this up just because it is camo.

Freebies! I really enjoy these wax parchment envelopes and the detailed labeling. The font is beautiful, the information is comprehensive, and the owl illustration? Yes, please. The following scent descriptions are entirely my own (based on my nostril receptors) and may be way off from actual notes.

I die. Look at these?! Will I even be able to melt them? I do not know. Fruity Rice Krispies smell like Fruity Pebbles with something extra. As a child who ate copious amounts of Fruity Pebbles, I can attest. Already I can feel the mouth full of tiny delicate air crisped bits of colorful sugar laden artificial fruit crunch. Like bitty bubbles of fruity cereal fun popping on my tongue. There is a touch of lemon sugar cookie scent in these with the Fruity Pebble vibe. These squares were about 0.7 oz each.

Fruit Loop Dreams, a nice creamy classic Fruit Loop aroma. Citrusy and charming. Again, about 0.7 oz each square.

Cherry- Dipity Donut is strong baby. My nose sings with the combo of a cherry berry punch type of scent with serendipity as a counterpoint. The donut is hiding amongst the bounty of cherries but if I had to guess it would be a jelly donut holed up in there. Donut... holes... hahahahhahhah!!! Excuse me while I entertain my corny self. These weighed 0.6 oz each.

Blueberry Donut is one my blueberry loving oldest will be nabbing. I just know it. Fun, young at heart and reminiscent of Blueberry Muffin, Strawberry Shortcake's pal who lives in Berry Bitty City. Blueberry Muffin was eating jelly donuts too. These weighed between 0.5 and 0.7 oz each.

Peach Paradise's tropical hues are painted with juicy mango, papaya and nectarine. Juicy and flavorful shades of orange.  Dark Owl is just the cutest ding dang thing I have ever seen. Hedwig (as I have christened him) smells like warm vanilla sugar. Soothing, rich, deep and musky. At 0.3 oz she is perfect for my bathroom Scentsy plug-in .

Summer Vacation smells clean and fresh with ozone and aquatics notes. Just as you imagine your skin smelling after a long day at the beach.

I am really glad these tarts are smaller. My smelly sisters have been discussing the "less is more" theory in melting wax. It goes something like: melting less wax can create more throw since the surface area of the wax melting is greater and allows more of the fragrance pull through than if it is a deeper pool. I tend to melt more. But since these tarts are all less than one ounce I am going to give it a go just using one at a time first, maybe two. I am really happy with my order and will post melted reviews soon.Happy Saturday! Going to eat lunch at Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Orlando with a couple of friends. I love tapas. Hoping the day brings something fun and unexpected for you.


  1. Depending on size bowl the warmer you're using has, try starting with just one. If it's a huge bowl and you only put .5 oz. of wax in, you might scald it. I always think of it as two BH&G cubes weigh right around .8 oz. and those are almost always darn strong. So yeah, one of those single .7 oz. squares should work if they're good.


    1. Thanks Deb! I will use the smaller ones in the girls' Scentsy warmers since they are cooler anyway. That should work :-) I hope to melt some tomorrow.

  2. Adorable haul! Those colors are just too cute. Love the owl and that you named it Hedwig! :)

    This is a company that I have heard of a few times but have never looked into ever. Your high praise may change that! Their attention to detail, cute packaging, and fun scents seem awesome! Have a good weekend and have fun with your friends at tapas!!

    1. They are so cute! Can't wait to start melting them. Hope you have a fabulous weekend too! The tapas were yummy.

  3. Such pretty colors!!! Love the owl & the little donuts -- so cute!! :-)

    1. Pretty wax can be fun! The owl and donuts are really cute. I hope you are having a good weekend :-)

  4. Cute, cute, cute!
    I love the owl sticker on the tissue paper.
    Packages packed with care always makes me happy.
    I'm going to head on over to their scent list and have a look!

    1. She certainly does that! Her scent list is very tiny. I ordered one of every wax scent available. They vary a bit each restock. Aug. 10th is the next. She said she will probably bring back cherry-di pity donut.