Saturday, August 9, 2014

Round Robin

Round Robin came 'round to my house for the first time! I have read about Round Robins and always thought they sounded fun. Basically, you get a group of folks together (I can see this working well with fabric or other items too) the first person fills the box and it makes its rounds. When the box arrives at your door, you take out what you like and put back items of your own of equal or greater value/weight. Basically it is a swap/trade box. The ladies in the Round Robin are really sweet and I am grateful they let me join in on the box 'o fun.

My take outs weighed a total of 24.2oz

Enchanted Candle Company: Mr. Darling's Treasure Map- crisply starched snowy white Oxford shirt

Enchanted Candle Company: Big Daddy's Beignets- cinnamon strewn pastries dusted with powdered sugar

Rosegirls: Yoshi's Island of Yummy- fruity burst of wildberries, strawberries and blueberry I think... been dying to sniff this one
Rosegirls: Raspberry Caramel Truffle- I normally shy away from chocolate but this one is pretty nice, all three components are easily detected, chocolate covered raspberries resting in a pool of caramel
Make Scents: Royal Sugar Cookie- Crunchy vanilla cookie, great staple
Make Scents: Country Bake Shop- smells a little like an apple cinnamon cookie, but it is very light at the moment... I grabbed it purely on looks alone as a huge Gone With the Wind fan
Up the Creek Scents: Marshmallow Butter Fudge- thick, buttery rice krispy treats

Candles From the Keeping Room: Spiced Apple Citrus- down home apple dumplings with lots of sugar and spices
Candles From the Keeping Room: Island Nectar BBW Type- juicy papayas, nectarines and tropical flowers
Candles From the Keeping Room: Serendipity Birthday Cake- serendipity with a touch of vanilla, I love Carol's serendipity

Sassy Girl Aroma: Pink Snow Angels- pink peppermint with maybe something more... my first piece of Sassy Girl Aroma ever <3
Sniff My Tarts: Pink Fairy Dust/Peppermint/Vanilla Butter Fudge- this smells like a sweet lemon scent... I know that is not a note in any of these but that is what I get, I like it
Olde Primitve Treasures: Harvest- never even heard of this vendor, but I am digging this great fall scent, apples loaded with copious amounts of spice
Vintage Chic Scents: Asphalt Jungle- grape, possibly blonde moment... or chardonnay, but certainly grape smelling 

My put back weighed in 26.4oz and included:
Rosegirls half Whoopie Pie in Strawberry Jam
Rosegirls chunk in Peppermint Coconut Marshmallow
Rosegirls pie slice in Macintosh Apple Maddness/Rosegirls Garden
CFTKR crueller in Glazed Cinnamon Donut
Scent Illusion chunky muffin in Pink Sugar/Candy Cane
Front Porch tarts (x3) in Loopy Coconut Cupcakes
Front Porch tarts (x2) in Coconut Serendipity Fruit Loops
iheartwax chunk in Apple Butterscotch Cake/Cider Lane/Sugar Maple Candy
Sniff My Tarts chunky scallop in Fresh Strawberry/Sweet Pink Cream
Up the Creek Scents tarts (x 2) in Coffee Ice Cream
Daphne's Divine scent shot in Cranberry Woods
Scent Illusion scent shot in Blackberry Mornings
It was a lot fun! Thank you ladies! 


  1. Makes Scents! So glad you got some of that and Enchanted!
    Your FP put backs are making me swoon!
    Great pics as always :)

    1. Thank you :-) it was nice to smell things I would not normally order myself. And new to me vendors always make me happy.

  2. Looks like an awesome RR! Great take outs and put backs!

    1. Thank you Kim! It was fun!!! I know they can sometimes go awry but for my first, it was good.

  3. Thank you so very much for being part of it! I'm glad you enjoyed it! You are absolutely right, they can go awry. Lol. I'm glad this went great, especially being your first one!

    1. Hey Nichole! Thank you for letting me a part of it! That Enchanted on you are in looked amazing. :-D hope you scored some yummy smellies. Thanks for stopping by!