Friday, August 1, 2014

Wild Hybrid Soap

The Rhinestone Housewife had a nifty summer coupon code that Jean brought to my attention. There were two options $5 off no minimum or $10 off $25. I picked the first and grabbed Wild Hybrid's A Day at the Beach soap.

I had to click around on the site to figure out who made this soap once it came to me in the mail. I assumed it was a house blend by Rhinestone Housewife since there was no brand name anywhere on the label. It turns out it is made by a New Zealand vendor, Wild Hybrid, that dabbles in art, jewelry, perfume, skin care and more, all with a natural focus.

The scent description: " Tanning oil, creamy gardenia and frangipani, drops of melted ice cream, salty air, warm sand, and piles of collected shells."  Just about all of my favorite things.

In the shower, I was indulgent. The whole bar got tossed in, no cutting, no slivers, no chunks, no rationing. I forgot how huge a soap bar could be. At first, there was a slightly knobby texture but as I soaped up it smoothed into a slick and soft surface. The lather was more slippery than bubbly but I was only using my hands. The scent radiating off this bar had me stumped for a while...  it felt like an almost alcoholic or extract type of tang. Repeated inhaling revealed a bright green coconut husk holding a rum concoction garnished with gardenia petals. It is unexpected and lovely. When rinsing it did leave a slight tug on the skin and a little tightness. I definitely felt the need to lotion up before bed. But the exotic fragrance more than made up for it. After all, it did leave me feeling squeaky clean.

First day of August huh? Only two weeks of summer vacation over here. The morning school starts back up (for both myself and my girls), August 18th, I am going to have a little giveaway celebration. I hope you will join me! I can safely say that Rosegirls wax will be involved <3 Hope your August is full of late summer fun, last chance beach and fro-yo days, and impending autumn anticipation.


  1. I just looked them up since I had not heard of them before either. Some of the beadwork, like this necklace that looks like a fish, wow. I went through a macrame bracelet phase, looking at this makes me want to try it again.

    1. Wow. That is gorgeous. I love the patina feather in the body of the fish. That price tag keeled me over for a moment. I think the soaps are the only thing in my price range lol! I would love to see some of your jewelry!