Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Melting Basket 10

Wax from the previous basket that I would repurchase include: Rosegirls Snowflake and Better Homes and Gardens Soft Cashmere Amber.

Alamo Candelaria Mermaid
Alamo Candelaria Red Poppy
Ten Digit Creations Rosewood Amber
Up the Creek Scents Marshmallow Butter Fudge
Up the Creek Scents Zucchini Cookie Bakery melted previously, creamy vanilla cookie zucchini
Rosegirls Apple Pucker
Rosegirls Raspberry Caramel Truffle
Rosegirls Yoshi's Island of Yummy
Sniff My Tarts Pink Fairy Dust/Peppermint/Vanilla Butter Fudge
CFTKR Wood Violets and Sugar Maple melted previously, unique violet that is rich, almost like a dried, pressed version of itself rather than fresh and in the soil, the sugar maple is not overly syrupy
Frostbeard Sassenach
Vintage Chic Scents Asphalt Jungle
Book Scents A Breath of Snow and Ashes
Book Scents Outlander

So I finally did myself a favor and watched Sherlock. I also did myself a huge disservice by starting it without time to spare, so I only got to watch the first 30 minutes of Season 1, Episode 1. Torture. Cliffhanger. Obsessed. Please help. Must have more Sherlock. Anyone else Sherlocked? Sherlockian? Holmie? I also picked up a cat cardigan at Target yesterday, providing one of my sisters with a good chuckle. Hey, I am a teacher. And a geek. I will wear cat cardigans all day long.


  1. You are going to rock that kitty cardigan.
    Wood violets and sugar maple --now that's a blend I would have never thought of --I'm glad you wrote the added note from the previous melt because I couldn't wrap my brain around this one.

    1. I wore the kitty cardi to IKEA yesterday <3 I didn't buy anything but my sister got a few knickknacks. Wood violet is different. Very dry, dusty old books vibe going on. I like it but I could not melt it all the time. I think half a tart would have sufficed. Hope you have a good day Sunnee! My break has been cut short. I have to return to work tomorrow.

  2. Your cat cardigan made me giggle... I love you my nerdy friend!! :)

    1. Your face is so pretty!!!! Sorry. Was looking at your icon/avatar whatever thingy. Yezzzzz.... Kitteh clothes make my heart purrrrr. I will bring it to London with us. <3

  3. Zucchini Cookie Bakery sounds phenomenal! I really like the way you handle your wax basket. I have one that I just toss things into that I want to melt *eventually*, and guess how often I go in there? Yep, almost never, hah! Maybe this weekend I will make it a point to reconfigure!

    1. The zucchini one was so yummy. I used up that 4 pack before I could turn around. I am liking the basket method. I do occasionally melt something not in the basket if I want to review a new vendor but I pretty much stick to it. It helps that my basket sits on the dresser and my wax storage is tucked away in my closet. Easy to reach the basket. Next up is lots of apple blends. 💗 mmmmm!!! Hope you are having a fantastic Friday Julie!

  4. You melted some yummy wax! I like your cat cardigan.

  5. There were some good ones in there! I loved UTC Marshmallow butter fudge. Mmm! The cat cardi totally won me over. They kinda like my grey cat Tod. :-)