Monday, August 18, 2014

Missouri River Soap: Camocado

Missouri River Soaps set the bar high on texture. Camocado is slick and smooth like an eel, that leaves a pleasant slip as it is lathered. It rinses cleanly leaving fresh tug on the skin without the tightness of residue. My skin feels softer after bathing with Camocado. The scent is sweet mint, not overpowering or tingling. I detect the barest whiff of chocolate to my nose. Almost like an Ande. Camocado feels and smells solid and practical. My skin and senses are comforted.

Enjoy your week!


  1. It looks really cool!! Glad it was pleasing for you! :-)

    1. It is a really great little soap. Adam will end up using this one fast. The camo will lure him in.