Sunday, August 31, 2014

Missouri River Soap: Small Wax Tart Order

I blame the owls and vanilla pumpkin scent. That is my excuse for placing a teeny order from Missouri River Soap, again, when Holly restocked recently. With a few exceptions, I find it easier on my stash and wallet if I place really small orders than larger orders. I know that seems like a "DUH" comment, but in the past I rationalized if I bought larger orders then I would not have to order as frequently. Well, that was joke. I like too many smellies and vendors. So, unless it is Rosegirls or SMT (who only open about twice a year, thus requiring "Go Big or Go Home" orders from me) I am keeping things small. And cute things come in small packages....

Vanilla Pumpkin- These caramel colored cuties weighed in at about 0.7 ounces each and were $3.25 for a 4-pack. I have never laid nose on a pumpkin that smelled like this! It reminds me of a pumpkin coconut flan. No spice. All creaminess. The vanilla is so rich and creamy it comes across as coconut milk. I love it.

Cherry-Dipity Donut- I wanted to share this amazing scent with a few friends so I ordered another one for myself.  Each donut is about 0.7 ounces and the 4-pack was $2.75. I reviewed this on cold previously, here I will review it warmed. I put one of the tarts in my living room/kitchen area and probably should have used two in hindsight. The scent was a cheerful cherry heavy serendipity with coconut and tropical fruits accompanying. I got more of a glaze from the donut than dough. The throw was medium light which is not bad for a little 0.7 ounce tart in such a huge open space. I am excited to use two next time and splurge a little. I have to say I never realized I enjoyed cherry scents so much until I met this blend.

Apple Almond Cookie- These bitty baby owls are about 0.3 ounces each and cost $2.00 for a 6-pack. Ruby red Macintosh apples with a whisper of cherry-almond. Another unique blend and lovely twist on a fall scent.

Free Samples:

Clean Cotton- Reminds me of Gain and my mother-in-law's clean smelling home. Strong and fresh like its name implies.

Gourding Around- Holly informed me that this scent is composed of fresh aloe, green clover and bright citrus. These all combine to create a unique and fun fragrance. My nose gathers: lemons, a touch of greenery from the clover and a raw butternut squash hint. Seriously! Like that faint squishy squash smell from carving pumpkins? I think the aloe is what is giving the illusion of actual squash. This is one neat scent.

Enchanted Apple- Winter Candy Apple and a great duplication. It smells more magnified some how to the point of bordering on a mild soapiness. It is beautiful.

I am happy with my Missouri River Soap wax tarts. Yesterday I plopped two Fruit Loop Dreams into the bedroom warmer and they threw a strong orange focused citrus blast all around the room. I look forward to discovering the new blends Holly will come up with in the future. And the owls... too cute. 


  1. Of course it was right to the pumpkin one that my drooly "Oohhhhh..." went. LOL

    I gotta admit, she always has the best presentation in everything she does.


    1. And you like coconut too! You might like this! Yes she does have an amazing attention to detail. I love it. I foresee MRS packages in my future :-)

  2. So cute!! I'd almost hate to use them & mess them up, LOL!!

    1. Tricia, that is exactly how I feel!!! The owls begged to be gazed upon and adored, not melted! Plus they are tiny, like a handful of pennies. Too cute!