Friday, August 8, 2014


June 27th I placed this small custom order with iheartwax. This was my third order from Audra over the past several months. I chose 4 packs of grubbies this time around; they are $3.75 each and you can blend up to three scents of your choice per pack.

Vanilla Bean Noel/Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies/Birthday Cake- The cake and vanilla really tone down the usually loud blackberry cookie. This blend is really sweet and cakey, the blackberry is certainly present but it is more the marbled accent in the cake, rather than the main flavor. Loving it.

Serendipity/Strawberry Jam/Pink Sugar- Lauren reviewed this particular blend on her blog and it sounded so amazing and she loved it so, that I knew I needed to try it. She was dead on. This is my second time ordering this same exact blend. It is very sweet and heavy on the serendipity, but the strawberry and pink sugar transform it into a girly fun treat a yute might spritz on. Wicked fun scent.

Strawberry Raspberry Guava/Cotton Candy Guava/Watermelon Patch- Tangy, juicy, sugary watermelon burst of scent. If this was a candy I would gobble it up.... why no... that is NOT pink wax crumbles around my mouth....

Apple Butterscotch Cake/Cider Lane/Maple Sugar Candy- A repeat blend for me. It smells like Cider Lane magnified to the 10th degree. Trying to get prepared for fall y'all. 

In past orders I did receive a free sample. I did not this time. I am totally alright with that, but I did want to mention it, in case you order and assume a freebie will be in there. Freebies are nice but certainly not mandatory. I will be purchasing again from iheartwax. All three experiences have been pleasant, barring a pistachio blend I did last time. They throw well and last an average amount of time. Audra will probably be opening again for orders in the next month or so as she is wrapping up this most current opening. She posts opening announcements in her Facebook group. Her 4 pack grubby blending option is really a stellar deal if you like customs and being creative on a budget.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! We will be BBQing at the springs and having company. I am rereading Outlander and falling in love with the Frasers all over again. Any exciting plans? Reading a great book?


  1. Look at all that pinky goodness!
    I'm confused about a certain picture in the post though -- is there a HP scavenger hunt I'm missing out on? I'm assuming it's HP since I'm one of the last few people on earth who hasn't seen it :p
    I had to read your BBQing at the springs twice, at first I thought "springs" was a last name. I forgot about the "springs" in FL and that it's an actual place. Miss them!
    Hope you have a great time my friend.

    1. Ah 'Arry Pottah! I was mentioning the embarrassing wax crumbs that may or may not have been around my mouth and it made me think of the scene in Harry Potter where Hermione has an embarrassing Butterbeer mustache that Ron points out. I had to include it. :-) thank you for tolerating my Potter obsession lol Yes Lithia Springs. Leaving in about two hours. Really excited. It is to celebrate one of my sister's birthday.

    2. No no no! It's me. Not you. Any decent, HP loving human would totally get that. <3

    3. <3 not sure about that but thanks! Lol

  2. Her prices are just so good and the fact that she lets customers blend is every better! I have had pretty good luck with her wax. Your blends sounds incredible, especially that fall(ish)mania one!

    1. I can see myself grabbing a few grubs at openings when I can :-) you are right about her prices. They are pretty great!