Monday, February 16, 2015

Candles From The Keeping Room: January 31st Opening

MMmmmmmmmzzzz... looks good enough to eat don't it? Well don't. 'Cuz it ain't food. It's my meltin' goods.

My first box with a handmade Carol doodle! <3 Makes me want to see snow, make a snowball, build a snowman... all the things a Florida gal can't do.

Packing precision. I must admit I really feel like Carol takes the cake when it comes to efficient packaging. I have had way too many vendors place a few tarts in a huge box, only to have them come to me already beat up and not able to pose too well with my camera. 

Brief scent descriptions due to the abundance of tarts.

Spun Peppermint- Sweet candy and mint disks. Methinks "spun" is a version of swizzle sticks or rock candy?

Rosemary Mint Aveda- Dreamboat scent. Sounds crazy but I get sticky sweet candy canes.

Cracklin' Birch- Woods, cologne, cinnamon. Romantic.

Amber Vanilla- Clean, musk, florals. More detergent than I was expecting (at least on cold).

Pink Sugared Violets- Exactly as it is named. Soft candy violets.

Rose Jelly-  Lush Rose Jam dupe, strong and true.

Amazingly Grace- Philosophy Amazing Grace dupe, beautiful floral bouquet of pink flowers: peonies, carnations, roses. 

Sugared Strawberry Spruce- Reviewed here. Best dern strawberry on the market paired with quiet evergreen.

Strawberry Musk- Best dern strawberry and musk. Comes across like a youthful perfume. Gorgeous!

Fresh Picked Strawberries- Realistic, fresh from the field, seeds popping between your teeth, stems and blossoms still attached... blue ribbon, first place strawberry.

Cedar Sage and Blackberry- This is full bag, back up worthy. Plump blackberries on a bed of wild velvety sage and fragrant cedar greenery.

Ultimate Sugar Cookie- Rich, crisp, vanilla heavy and delectable. 

Ultimate Bakery Shop- A friend raves about this so I had to try! I can see why: donuts, cakes, cookies, vanilla frosting, caramel drizzle... all present.

Cinnamon Apple Strudel- I can't even. This was the sleeper hit of the order. I thought I was ordering the dumpling apple shape on the pewter platter but I must have hit this one instead. Glad it was this one. It smells so fresh that I swear I can get the moistness of the icing and cake. The apples are stewed and spiced. AMAZING.

Serendipity Marshmallow Delight- Cherry, coconut, marshmallow and loads of sweet vanilla. One of my all time favorite serendipity blends.

Ultimate Serendipity- Deliciously strong serendipity blended with vanilla frosted baked goods. Divine.

Serendipity Noel- Serendipity complimented with Vanilla Bean Noel. A sweeter, more vanilla coconut heavy blend. YUM!

Free Samples:

Bunny Treats- Candy basket, vanilla, jelly beans, citrus fruits, great scent.

Vanilla Sugar Dark- Strong Lush dupe, Rock Star I believe.

Honey Bee- A sweet honey with a touch of powdery floral.

Butter Cookie- Crunchy crisp buttery shortbread, very little sweetness (which is a good thing with this scent).

Cashmere Glow- Clean, light amber, woods, sophisticated Laundry Day smell.

Cherry Blossom- Sakura Sweet Tarts

Red Saffron- Pink peppercorn and dry citrus create a soft fresh scent with a soapy feel.

Fig & Pomegranate- Tart sweet pomegranate with soft musked fig.

Spice of My Life- Nutmeg strong, cinnamon, spices with a woody vanilla backdrop that changes the game. Not a bakery spice.

Sea Salt & Yuzu- The combo of the two creates suggestions of driftwood and shore-bound jasmine with a drop of tropical juice.

Clementine Lavender- Startlingly realistic clementines with a whiff of light lavender.

Maple Honey Bread- Sharp molasses.

Tropical Fruits- Bananas and pineapple.

Cane Sugar Cookie- Vanilla cookie crunch. Almost granola like.

Spun Rainbow Sherbet- Tart rainbow sherbet fragrance oil (citrus, berries) with added sweetness.

Lavender Cream Peppermint- Soft mint, sweet lavender, maybe vanilla.

I hope y'all don't mind a more concise, short and sweet scent description this go 'round. When they start appearing in the melting basket and you want to know more about them, just let me know. I am thinking an all CFTKR basket should be next. What scents of Carol's do you love? 


  1. Awesome! Today is CFTKR day ;) So many great scents and samples. Love the pics Julie <3

    1. Lol! I was JUST saying the same thing in your FB post! Too funny! Thank you <3 ditto!

  2. Isn't 'spun' usually cotton candy, as in 'spun sugar'?

    Nice order. You smellie tastes are always so much more elegant and adventurous than mine but I still see some yummies in there. :)


    1. Yes! That makes perfect sense. Cotton Candy!

      LOL! You made me bark with laughter at that last sentiment! I read it as "you usually pick the weird florals and crap most people don't want- but hey! I think I see some normal scents in there!" LOL! Yes! Carol's cookies and serendipity blends are sooooo goooooood.

    2. HA! Well that's not what I meant but it is a funnier read. No, I mean I go for the straight and simple food stuff and that's rather boring. lol


    3. Simple comfort scents are great! I like to have them around for times when I crave them.

  3. Love your order and your pictures! Some of those scents are one's I've never heard of but sound awesome. Love the concise description for each scent. Carol's packaging is top notch!

    1. Do you know how the b&bw cherry blossoms perfume smells? Is it anything like that? That's my fav perfume so I wondered if it was a de-dupe! :)

      How about Clementine lavender, is it like anything you've ever smelled from a vendor? It sounds so unique!

      Cedar sage and blackberry you will LOVE. It is so nice warmed up!

    2. Yes! But I don't think it is. I could be wrong, but to make sure, I will pass it on to you. I think I may be confusing Cherry Blossom with Japanese Cherry Blossom. They were different weren't they?

      I have been on a blackberry kick lately!! Can't get enough.

      The clementine is soooo juicy and realistic I want to bite it. I have never smelled an orange scent I like more. The lavender adds just a touch of herbal quality that could be the tree leaves. It comes first. Then the more you inhale the more the citrus bursts forth!!! Crazy crazy good.

  4. Wonderful order, Julie!

    I'm hoping to be able to try the Cinnamon Apple Strudel in the future!! It sounds delectable :)

    I'll look forward to what you think of Carol's Spun Peppermint. The cotton candy, white frosting, and vanilla cream blend so well with the peppermint to create a yummy blend.


    1. I was really REALLY excited to get this box of awesome wax.

      Cinnamon Apple Strudel is spectacular. Glad I read this ;-) if Carol offers this cut table again, I hope I can nab another.

      The Spun Peppermint will be in the next melting basket for sure. I am really looking forward to trying it. Deb must have been right! Spun = cotton candy. Yum!

  5. Oh my goodness! They do look go enough to eat!! And the others are just so cute! I almost wouldn't be able to melt them they just look so good! LOL!! :-)

    1. I do have a hard time melting wax that is cute like that! But after a few months of staring and sniffing I usually cave. :-D

  6. So amazing! I can't get over how many samples she gives out, too! beautiful!

    1. She really is generous with them. I sometimes forget if I am ordering to get the tarts I want or the awesome surprise samples :-D