Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Treatsie: Extra Goodies Box

My "extra" goody box arrived from Treatsie and it did not disappoint. 

Lambrecht Southern Pecan Toffee- Delicious crunchy crisp toffee (not hard or teeth sticking) with  big pieces of pecans embedded and over-poured with yummy milk chocolate. I would buy this again.

I am a huge Chuao chocolate fan. I have bought their bars from our local candy store as well as ordered direct from them online. 

Popcorn Pop- Popcorn bits and popping candy (Pop Rocks) brought a party to my mouth with parts salty and parts sweet. 

Potato Chip- Salty kettle chip bits crunch satisfyingly with the sweet chocolate. I bought 100 of these and attached them to Christmas gifts last year. Well... attached maybe 50. Not sure where the other half went....

Sweet & Salty- A classic salted chocolate combo that I love.

Strawberry Waffle Cone- Tart strawberries and crispy waffle cone mixed with chocolate made for an unbelievably yummy experience. I will get this one again one day.

Salted Chocolate Crunch- This one features dark chocolate with tiny crisp bread crumbs and sea salt. I enjoyed it but probably would not buy it on my own again.

Raley's Confectionary Treatsie Variety Mix- These guys! These are like the hard candies I was going gaga over on Lauren's post. Reminds me of my Ma. I am doubly excited that they are made right here in Florida with our very own Fresh from Florida seal on the bag. The flavors included are: lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, pomegranate, banana, root beer, blueberry, cherry, raspberry, watermelon, tutti-frutti, strawberry, mango and kiwi. Those faces. They slay me. High quality flavors, light crunch mouth feel and THOSE FACES. 

After much pondering I decided not to resubscribe to Treatsie at this time. The candies and treats are amazing but two big things keep me back. Money and Extra Calories. Maybe after I reach some financial goals I will reconsider. Maybe after I reach some weight goals. But then maybe buy then I will not have the urge. What are your favorite candies or treats?


  1. what a fun box! Chuao chocolates are amazing!! & I'm not a die hard chocolate fan, so it's impressive if chocolate catches my attention!
    I have been craving happy hippos.. lol! thankfully I have a friend in Germany who can hook me up! but for now I'm addicted to the japanese cheeto puff things.. curry is my favorite flavor.

    1. It was a fun box! The candy faces reminded me of Japan.

      Oh girl. Don't get me started in Happy Hippos OR yummy curry puff sticks. Or the whole bag of Japanese crispy bits I ate in two sittings. I have a love/hate relationship with their individual wrappers. They prolong the inevitable. I may start hunting eBay for Happy Hippos....

  2. Oh Julie!! this box of yumminess looks so delectable :)
    Milk chocolate covered potato chips are out of this world!!!!

    My favorite candy is See's; but if I were to pick something out from the grocery store it would be red licorice (which is dangerous.. I can eat a 1lb bag in one night :/ )

    1. See's huh? I will have to look into that. Twizzlers are good. Chocolate covered peanuts I can put a dent in as well. Or Moose Munch type of popcorn with the chocolate and caramel drizzle. I am getting way too hungry.

  3. I'd never tried Chuao chocolate before the two chocolate chip ones you gifted me. Oh my goodness, they were so so good. Now I need to find out how I can get more. Love that last picture of the Raley's!

    1. They run promotions on their website and if you subscribe to their newsletter you get a free full sized bar.

      Thanks! I had too much fun looking at the designs in the candies. They are very sour though and give me a little heartburn. Boo.

    2. Sunnee... there is a Chuao Chocolatier Café located in Del Mar ;)