Monday, February 23, 2015

Rosegirls: Muffin Club 2

Diving right in to the Muffin Club order a few friends and I placed last Rosgeirls opening! WOOHOO! The first two are the chunks and the last is the overpour.

Strawberry Jam/Sicilian Lemon Cookies/Royal Sugar Cookie- Is it a crime to admit I think I rank Royal Sugar Cookie over Monster Cookie? I love them both, but man is that RSC yummy. Add lemon bars and strawberry jam flavors and I am in heaven. Heaven. Gosh I hope there are warmers and wax in my house in the clouds. 

Sweet Lemon Confection/Orange Revival/Sage- Lemon races out of the shoot but juicy oranges and a soft herbal sage catch up from behind. A wonderful, super, amazing summer scent. Makes me want to blend with sage next opening: Peppermint/Biolage/Sage? Sage/Lavender/Apricot? Sage/Sweater Weather/Vanilla Musk? Oh! The possibilities!

Lavender/Vanilla Bean Noel/Birthday Cake- The extra vanilla bakery with a touch of sweet lavender rivals my loaf of lavender smoothie. This one smells more smooth and softened. 

Pecan Waffles/Cotton Candy Frosting/Blueberry Cobbler- MMmmmmmm!!! A feast for the eyes and nose! It really does smell like a blueberry cobbler with the PPW acting as a nice batter and the CCF as the sweet syrup that holds the berries together. 

Christmas Past/Cranberry Orange- This ALMOST reminds me of Cranberry Lodge! Just add a pinch of cinnamon and it is THERE. Love this fruity bright spruce.

Cranberry Orange/Marshmallow Smoothie/Cranberry Marmalade- Finally. After hunting and buying and mixing and blending. The perfect spiced cranberry scent. Creating this in a loaf for when fall rolls back around.

Pink Sugar/Margarita/Watermelon Slush- The water melon margarita pull through the most, I can't really get the Pink yet. I do wish this was a bit stronger, but maybe curing will help that along as this is fresh out of the muffin pan. An energetic summery scent!

Vanilla Bean Noel/Strawberry Raspberry Guava/Marilyn- I love Blonde Moment/Marilyn! Combining it with VBN and SRG was pure genius. Sweet bubbly fun. If it was a girl, it would be Gidget. Is that too old of a reference? Ok, how about Cher from Clueless.

Peppermint/Royal Sugar Cookie- Mrs. Claus' Cookies magnified by 100. Buttery soft sugar cookie sprinkled with candy canes and peppermint disks. I cannot wait to melt this.

Peppermint/Christmas Past- I had muffins with this blend plus Vanilla Bean Noel added. I enjoy this more crisp and pine filled mint version better. It feels like a Vicks/Sinus Relief option.

Sweet Pumpkin Pie/Vanilla Bean Noel/Vanilla Wafers- Simply decadent. The pumpkin and vanillas are so creamy and delicious. This is my first time really smelling Vanilla Wafers and it is good. I would normally try to save this for fall, but I am not sure I can hold out.

Monster Cookie/Southern Creme Brulee/Pumpkin Chai- I mainly get a nicely spiced pumpkin cookie scent. I am not sure I can pull creme brulee out specifically. It makes me want to sample Southern Creme Brulee in Mini Melt form so I can get a better handle on it. Overall, I am happy with how this blend turned out. Probably not for non-spice folk. 

Ooey Gooey Caramel/Toffee Apple Crunch/Dunk My Donut- This reminds me of Toffee Apple Streuselkuchen and Apple Cider Donuts a wee bit. But I must say that I like this combination more than the other two. The caramel and slight spice from DMD helps keep the sometimes candiness of Mac Apple from being overpowering. An excellent September choice for when I am craving apples.

Marshmallow Smoothie/Celtic Moonspice/Apple Puff Pastry- This fella fits the September apple craving as well! Extra spiced apple goodness. Very much a comfort home fragrance. This will be loaf/pie worthy.

Peppermint/Lemonade/Sugared Apple- Wow. What an olfactory experience. The sweet apples take all of my attention first but then the lemonade tugs on my jaw bones and I realize my nasal passages tingle with minty coolness. I love unique blending and this is it! Excited to melt this baby.

Cherry Berry Punch/Lemonade- This very much reminds me of Hi-C Fruit Punch. Sweet, tropical, stain my lips red and give me a sugar rush punch. I very much like this and can see the girls asking for this one in their warmers.

Pink Sugar/Sweet Lavender/Peppermint- Lauren threw this in as a very generous gift (and other wax goodies too I cannot wait to melt!). Oooooooooh my. This is a pie. The peppermint is gorgeous with that pink lavender going on. My perfect bedtime blend. I cannot fathom why I have not blended this from Rosegirls already?! Have I lost my ever loving mind? Not to worry. This will be remedied. 

I hope some of these blends help stir your creative thinking for the upcoming Rosegirls opening next month (tentative). I absolutely get giddy over Muffin Club and look forward to these guys more than my actual personal order. I enjoy melting things I have not thought of or may be a little outside my comfort zone. That is usually when I fall hard for a scent. Plus I am super blessed to have three wonderful friends to do this with. Are you plotting a Rosegirls order? Are you in a muffin or pie club?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I will!! Do you plan on ordering from RG at their next opening? I hope it is an announced day and time like last time.

    2. I hope to, but I may have to wait, since I have a trip coming up. I still need to order mini-melters, too! So much wax to buy! Rosegirls is beyond amazing -- so hopefully! :D

    3. We are in the same boat :-) saving for a trip too, so my list will need some whittling.

  2. I should try these out sometime. I love the look of them & the combos sound really good!

    1. I will let you know when she opens next for custom orders so you can decide if you want to order :-)

    2. Awesome, thanks!!

  3. I've come back to this post about 800 times, always thinking I was ready to comment, then I just get confuddled staring at the gorgeous muffins and leave without commenting. Now that I've had a chance to really go through my part of the Muffin Club haul, I think I can compose some thoughts.

    I was disappointed in some but there are none I really dislike. Some are really curious in a fun and unexpected way, like the sugared apple or sage ones. Some are going to really nice, good old fashioned fall/winter must haves. I agree that the cran/orange smoothie one is fantabulous but for me it's still not quite my perfect spiced cranberry.

    And now the pressure is on to do this all over again! LOL


    1. There are some really interesting blends in this group for sure. Sorry most of mine ended up disappointing you. I stuck the fall and Christmas ones in my holiday basket. Except for peppermint/Christmas past, I will melt that as a bedtime scent.

      Yes we are back in the blending saddle again! Pressure is on to make better ones. :-)

  4. Sage/Sweater Weather/Vanilla Musk? UM, YES PLEASE.

    Pink Sugar/Sweet Lavender/Peppermint is soooooooooooooooooooooo good. I got it in a small loaf before and am determined to buy another next go around. Mmmm...

    Sweet Pumpkin Pie/Vanilla Bean Noel/Vanilla Wafers, creamy and delicious! This sounds like a delectable dessert.

    Love your spot on thought about Gidget or Cher from Clueless! LOL!

    Deb really hit it out of the park with Peppermint/Lemonade/Sugared Apple. Such a creative, inventive and delicious blend!

    1. I am determined to blend sweater weather (if it is an option). And a pie in pink lav mint is the first thing on my list. Thank you so much for bringing that beauty in my life!

      Deb did create the most compelling blend! Excited to melt it!

  5. Super awesome order! The Pink Sugar/Sweet Lavender/Peppermint caught my eye. What beautiful colors!!

    1. That one is my favorite. Hands down. The colors are bright and girly <3

      Have a great day Liz!