Saturday, February 21, 2015

'Fumes: Winter Favorites

Winter here in Florida is a running joke amongst most of the nation I imagine. However, for a Native Floridian, it is all I know and brisk cloudless days of 60 degrees exemplify winter. Since December I have found myself reaching for the following perfumes more often than usual:

Sonoma Scent Studio Winter Woods: So thick and chewy my mouth waters. This is not gourmand by any means but the sticky resins, amber and tar are so pronounced they literally have a texture and my mouth waters to smell this fragrance. On my skin it feels like a smokey and sweet caress, sensual and natural. This beautiful fragrance worked its magic on me slowly. This is my second 3 mL spray bottle ($11.00) but it confirms what I should have known.... I require a bigger bottle. 

Dior Poison: Yes. Poison. I like to find mine in old thrift stores where the juice is so dark, it looks like balsamic vinegar- and even carries that note. On chilly days when the wind is whipping and kids are flying kites, I travel in a wake of poisonous grapes and tuberose. Please don't ever get stuck in an elevator with me on those days. Your nose hairs may fall out, but mine will be pleasantly enthralled with this perfume floating about me in a purple haze. Try it again. You may like it. But not at the thrift store... leave those for me.

Hermes Eau des Merveilles: Perfect for those humid free days when the sun is bright and sky is crisp blue: this aroma takes me to the shore. Not a typical sunscreen, jasmine, driftwood beachy smell, but fresh, breezy, light and a tad salty. The drydown transitions into a snuggly, come hither soft woods. Like wearing linen pants cuffed at the calves while walking along the Gulf. Comfortable and timeless.

Serge Lutens L'orpheline: Grey incense and musk that brings frigid foggy London evenings to me more handily than a passport. There is a silvered edge of coolness that I adore about this scent.

Sonoma Scent Studio Incense Pure: Reviewed here and I still adore this paired with Aftelier Ancient Resins. My favorite incense perfume hands down. Amazing year 'round, but extra special during the winter personally.

Serge Lutens Un bois vanille: A candied woods fragrance that glows in cooler temperatures. Sweet, carefree and alluring by turns. I feel it may be perhaps a bit cavity inducing during the humid summer days here in Florida, but from fall to spring it gets high mileage in my rotation. More thoughts on this perfume here.

Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan: Musk to the tenth power. Raw, feline, and feral. Honestly, I have no qualms wearing this kitten all year, but in the winter I relish in the warmth it provides my emotions when I can inhale it on my skin. A little leather, a little vanilla, a little woods and plentiful musk. A skin scent on me. My lips but better if it was a lipstick. Mannequin hands if it was a nail polish. 

What scents have been gracing your skin this winter? What have you been reaching for during these cold days and long nights for fragrance?


  1. I LOVE Dior poison!!! I used to wear it in high school... woooo I just aged myself! lol. I remember loving to inhale that dark, deep scent.
    I am still getting used to "real winter"... I've been rotating Sonoma Fireside Intense, Coach Poppy (trio), FP Tabacconist, & Alamo Candelaria La Dame Blanche. on occasion I need a fix.. and out comes my playdoh perfume! :)

    1. Ditto!!! I love it too!! Such a great fragrance!

      I bet you are! Snow! How fun. Fireside Intense is such a crazy unique scent. I love how it starts like bonfire then gets all cozy and sexy. Mmmmmm.... Makes me want to put it on right now. Coach Poppy and it's flankers are great! Adam loves Poppy on me. I need to get some more. Tobacconist! Yezzz. I bet Dame Blanche is great in winter and spring. I need to smell that one again in my wax. Play-Doh! What knucklehead got you that??? LOL!!!

  2. These are some fabulous scents! I used to wear UBV a lot but it has entered that cavity inducing phase for me and I've been mostly passing it up this winter. We're having an oddly warm winter so I'm not getting to wear as many of my cold temp faves so I've been going the incense & vanilla route over the dark woods. Nanadebary Pink has been a frequent dabber, along with Passage d'Enfer and Shalimar Light.

    1. I can totally see that Kate, in fact I have been wearing it layered a lot with less sugary choices.

      Passage d'Enfer.... I was saving for the Malle coffrett forever and when I finally had enough, it sold out. :-( I have yet to sniff any. But it is on my To Sniff list.

      Shalimar is lovely. I have an old 80's bottle I got from an antique store and wear is occasionally. I have not tried any of the flankers though. Nanadebary I have not heard of, writing down.

      Thanks for sharing your perfumes of the moment Kate. I always look forward to hearing about what you are wearing.