Wednesday, February 11, 2015

ScentSationals: Simple Romance

My Walmart(s) woefully lack much in the scented wax areas, but I did manage to find this lonesome fella hanging out all alone on the shelf recently. I had never crossed paths with this one before. Since Valentine's Day quickly approaches, I thought this an apt scent. 

Simple Romance touts itself as a woodsy vanilla in which to set the mood. I could not agree more. The medium strong throw filled my bedroom with a soft vanilla sandalwood fragrance tempered with amber and cashmere woods.

If I spy this again, I would most certainly repurchase. I saved some cubes for the 14th ;-)

Any Valentine's plans? 


  1. I see this scent all the time at my Walmart but have never bothered with it because it's not my type. I'm thrilled to see Scentsationals featured on your blog though!

    No Valentine's plans here.


    1. You WOULD! Lol! I think when we visit we should just go to your Walmart. This is my first time seeing this scent. I DID see the Hobey Bourbon Vanilla but I just did not like it in cold. There was a sourness to it that I did not care for. I probably should have gotten it just to see how it meltedbut I was being tight.

  2. Michael and I are going to go camping somewhere in Florida. I can't remember where, I just know it's a military only campsite and it's 13 hours away from here @.@
    Our Walmart wax is always picked through whenever we stop by. I never have much hope when glancing down the aisle. Plus I've always had bad experiences with them, so even when I do find stuff I'm wary of buying it.

    1. You must be headed towards Miami with that long if a haul. I live in central FL and about 7 hours from ATL. So another 6 hours or so brings you to south FL. Enjoy your camping! I hope the weather is full of sunshine and no mosquitos. We only plan on a Pokemon party for my almost 8 year old girl. :-)

      I only have a handful of Walmart tarts that I enjoy and they are hardly in stock so I stalk the wax section every time I run to Wally World on an errand.