Saturday, October 17, 2015

Moonalisa: Scary Hair Conditioner

I am not sure when this scent released but I think this is from 2013. Salome's Secret Scary Hair Conditioner by Moonalisa smells INCREDIBLE. It is a boozy amber vanilla that just makes me melt. Jean gifted this conditioner to me and I am mighty grateful. This formula is more emollient than the one a bought and tried last Christmas. The slip allowed me to finger comb my hair with much more ease. If you spot this treasure in a destash or sale, grab it! 

This spooky conditioner will be my go-to this month. Do you have any spooky bath and body products in your rotation?


  1. I second grabbing this one, I had no idea what it smelled like and it blew me away, this one and Bohemian Velvet are standouts from her non-foodie range of the few I've tried.

    And luckily for anyone interested a lotion (aka pot lot) and a conditioner are available in the new Moona FB group for $8 each. (Posted 10/10 along with a few other goodies.

    1. Nice! I hope someone takes advantage of that! (Before I do!) Thank you again Jean<3