Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sniff My Tarts: August Order Part 1

The first part of my Sniff My Tarts August order arrived! I was shocked to see my name pop up so fast but here she is, in less than 2 months. I think their streamlined options and shorter opening helped them to scoot along with getting orders out. I ordered three times that day. Yeah, I know. I'm a freak. A wax freak. I am actually kinda happy they are shipping separately. It helps with storage and with blogging. The first order is a sheet cake, cookies and piped hearts. I have more piped hearts, chunks and small pies coming. 

Peppermint/Pink Sugar/Spearmint is the only sheet cake I bought. These are about 18 ounces or so and cost around $19.00 I believe. I am very happy with this sheet. The mints are frosty and the pink sugar is grand. 

The cookies were the smallest blending option this opening. Three scents could be blended for $5 a cookie, limit four cookies. 

Rose Jam/Marshmallow Noel/Pink Sugar- The creamy vanilla and pink sugar really jive well with the richness of Rose Jam. 

Creamy Eggnog/Celtic Moon Spice/Holiday Spiced Chai- Creamy eggnog is on the bottom and smells incredible, just like Sunnee said it was. The chai is peppery and spicy and the two together make for a very unique blend that I think I will enjoy.

Apple Crisp/Grandma's Kitchen/Pumpkin Praline- I am not sold on this one, however. I get a hefty dose of cherry almond somewhere in there. But maybe when I melt it more of the spiced pumpkins and apples will come through. 

Peggy's Blueberry Noel/Ice Cream Cake Batter/Pumpkin Ice Cream- Yum. Yum. Yum. Peggy's Blueberry Noel kicks fanny. Add extra creamy and some pumpkin and I am in hog heaven.

Blueberry Grunt Cake- A nice strong blueberry that I would definitely blend with in the future. A touch of vanilla bakery involved.

Farmer's Market- I chose this one on Lauren's recommendation and it rocks! A spiced fruits and almost outdoors aroma. Fall harvest festivals and ciders and leaves and happiness.

Butterscotch Brulee- Creamed caramel butterscotch fresh out of a glass Smuckers jar. Not one bit of bitterness or bite. 

Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake- A favorite of mine for blending. Heavy vanilla with a smidge of lavender. 

Pink Noel- Mmmmmm. Yes. YES! If you have not tried Sniff My Tarts Pink Noel... you should. Really. 

Enchanted Forest- The name sold me. And I am glad I got it. Eucalyptus and pine and so many magical things. My eyes practically have stars in them. I want a sheet cake with this blended with peppermint. STAT.

Sweet Lavender & Rosemary Mint- This is a newer scent for SMT and I love it too. The Rosemary Mint is sweet and lovely and would blend really well with peppermint, pink sugar and even Enchanted Forest. So glad I scooped this up. 

Free Samples!

Pink Sugar/Strawberry Jam/Cotton Candy- Delicious! I would make this blend in a heart beat. Very sweet and candy like but the musk in Pink Sugar makes it all gooood.

Sweet Lavender/Pink Sugar/Lemon Sugar- Not a blend I would ever think to do but now I am hooked. The lemon shouts with joy and the pink lavender create a smooth mellowness that pleases. 

Did you order from Sniff My Tarts this last opening? Have you tried your hand at blending yet? I am falling in love with these single scent piped hearts. I love the clarity of a single scent sometimes. Good old back to basics after a huge blending binge. 


  1. I love that you are still so excited about wax and blending. I'm phased out again, seems to be happening more often these days. I've been wax obsessed a lot of years though. I do get a smile when picking up on your waxy excitement though. =)


    1. Aw! Thanks! The excitement is still there but maybe more focused than it used to be. I am getting pickier and less willing to buy just any scent or blend. I still very much enjoy blending though. You m'lady are getting me pumped to start decorating my new journal/diary/planner that is winging its way to me!

  2. I need that sheet cake scent in my life. great order

    1. Oh A! It is so refreshing. Thank you! I am waiting anxiously for the other two parts of my order. I know they will be fantastic.

  3. That sheet cake is exquisite! Someday I will place an SMT order. Her stuff is so pretty!

    1. I think SMT is a fine vendor to order from as long as you don't give a hoot how long the TAT is. I love that they narrowed down their shapes (and got rid of that ding dang creepy monkey).