Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lush Life: Yoga Bath Bomb

The Yoga Bath Bomb from Lush has been popping up in the Lush Kitchen and around the globe here and there. I grabbed this one in the Harajuku Lush store this summer. I grabbed it without really sniffing it. When I got home I was not sure about the scent. It was strangely cloying with all its unusual notes. 

But once I immersed it into the bath, it bloomed.

It bloomed with a beautiful fruity floral scent graced with musk and woods. It bloomed with ocher and citrus sunset hues. It bloomed with glitter. 

Lots and lots of glitter.

Yoga was an enjoyable experience despite my initial reservations and glitter clean up. I am not sure I would buy it again though. 

Have you hopped onto the Lush Kitchen revolution? Has Yoga entertained your bath? 


  1. I still have yet to use my Yoga bomb! my nose has been out of sorts & it smells different from when I bought it. :)
    I haven't ordered from Lush Kitchen, but just got my Lush Japan email today.. there's a new product coming soon called "witches spell"! can't tell if it's bomb or bubble bar, but it's gorgeous!! It had star anise & green stuff all shoved in it!

    1. When you use it, let me know what you think! I believe mine morphed a bit too scentwise. Ummmm wow!!! That Witch's Spell sounds incredible! So cool! Please get it and tell me all about it! Miss you.

  2. I still have one I haven't touched. My baths are few and far between these days as the four year old has infiltrated my bathtub with my little ponies and measuring cups. LOL! Someday I will get to it (or let her use it)

    1. Hey! Your wee one sounds just like my girls. You know how much it hurts to sit on a Pokemon plastic figurine? There are some ponies and empty scrub containers littered about as well. I hope you get to try it. But she might get a kick out of all the shinies.