Thursday, October 15, 2015

Olfactif Artisan Perfume Subscription: October

Falling is the theme for this month's Olfactif box. I peeked at the scents that were offered this month before the box arrived. I shouldn't have spoiled the surprise but I just could not wait. Next month... no spoilers. So, the basics: for $18 a month, Olfactif will send a themed box of three fragrances to your door shipped. There is a masculine and a standard box to choose from (or get both!). The subscription comes with a code for $18 off a full bottle each month as well. I have used my code twice now.

I am still "falling" in love with this company and service. I have been satisfied and most times, beyond. It is a monthly treat that I very much look forward to opening.

Autumn by Dasein- Notes Include: Agarwood, amber, incense, cedar, coffee, cinnamon bark.
Red-hot sparks of cinnamon ignite the senses, inflaming memories of fall baking, hot toddies, and cinnamon bark curls swirling in cider. Too soon the cinnamon turns to dust and the incense, woods and oudh shift the scent further into the past with musty tones of a ghost filled attic, harboring faded potpourri of autumns past. A joy to wear. A full 50 ml bottle of this EDP costs $95.
*This fragrance is made with cinnamon EO and may cause irritation. Test on a small patch before using. I have pretty hardy skin and the crooks of my arms and my neck area became red and splotchy with minor stinging after spraying. It faded within a few minutes and did not bother me, but I do not have sensitive skin. I can't imagine what it might do to someone who does have sensitivity. Just proceed with caution.*

Intense Cafe' by Montale- Notes Include: Coffee, rose, amber, vanilla, white musk.
Creamy hazelnut coffee sweetened with amber honey fly from the atomizer and land on my skin. After a few blissful whiffs, crystallized maroon rose petals bob up from the warm mocha surface, sending ripples of candied rose to my nose. Musk and amber swirl in for the final stages and steal some of the sugar dust from the rose, where, in the end, she fades. Exquisite. The longevity was excellent, lasting several hours. This EDP runs $120 for a full 50 ml bottle.

Geisha Noire by Aroma M- Notes Include: Black amber, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla.
A mature and timeless fragrance that brought to mind the deep sable tones of Youth Dew and Shalimar. It smells exotic yet familiar, comforting while stimulating. The longevity was about 4 hours. Quite a lovely scent and a modern take on oriental classics. A 50 ml bottle of this EDP is $85.

Montale's Intense Cafe' is my pick of the box. I swear I must be on a candied rose kick. But the creamy dreamy latte that accompanies this rose is delicious. And can I tell you how much I love Montale's bottles? Their aesthetic appeals to me. I am excited I finally got to sample this house, although I assumed my first sample of Montale would be a rose-oudh. Autumn by Dasein is a close second, I only wish the cinnamon lasted a bit longer. However, that would not stop me from purchasing it.

Which of these autumnal scents would you wear this fall? Do you have a favorite cinnamon centric fragrance? 

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