Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ramon Monegal: Musks Times Three

According to Fragantica, Ramon Monegal began creating perfumes for other brands in 1979 and then moved on to his own independent label in 2007, creating his first fragrance for Ramon Monegal in 2010. This particular trio of musk samples from his line include: Cotton Musk, Agar Musk and Cherry Musk. The only Musk missing is White Musk.

Cotton Musk- Notes Include: Rose wardia, royal gardenia, frankincense, vetiver, Madagascan vanilla, and white musk. 
Freshly laundered linens that have been skin warmed by a lazy afternoon cat nap. The musk redolent of showered skin, warm snuggles. A wonderfully crafted clean perfume. And the longevity is stellar. It lasted several hours. The sillage was small to medium, tending to stay closer to the body. 

Cherry Musk- Notes Include: Musk, cherry, strawberry, oakmoss, and tea rose.
Sweet pink strawberries shiny on the lips, candied and puckered like a kiss. This musk wears like a soft feminine sugar coated lipgloss. Sassy, sweet, seemingly innocent. Long wear time, soft sillage. 

Agar Musk- Notes Include: Agarwood (oud), leather, nutmeg, vetiver, amber and musk. 
A clean and green oud that steers far from dirty and right into birch tree saplings and young growth woods. It is a very safe scent for an oud. Average longevity, soft sillage.

These are very well crafted musks but lean to the fresh side rather than the animalic on my skin. For $185 for a full bottle I must say that I will pass. However, I am not done exploring the Ramon Monegal line. I can tell there will be a hidden gem in there somewhere for me to uncover.Recommended for those who adore fresh and clean with high quality juice. Cherry Musk was my favorite of the three.


  1. Cherry Musk and Cotton Musk sound divine!! I used to love gourmand types of perfumes but I'm moving into the fresh and clean territory. It's been a while since I've indulged in a fragrance order, I may make some sample orders soon. I'm itching for some new bottles!

    1. If you like fresh and clean you would love all of these but especially Cotton Musk! Do sample it! I have been on a perfume binge lately since I have drained a lot of bottles. Need to restock. I bought SergeLutens Chergui and Tauerville RoseFlash. I rarely EVER buy two full bottles in one month. Usually only one a quarter. But the stars aligned and sales and freebies were mixed with payday. Happy fume hunting! (I am having a Serge Lutens giveaway on IG but I would NOT describe them as clean and fresh! lol!) Please let me know what you get!

  2. Dear Julie,
    Cotton Musk was originally called White Musk. Unfortunately they had to change the name as another company was using it. Im glad that you like both Cherry and Cotton Musk!! Impossible Iris and Cuirelle should be next on your sample list from the Monegal line!

    1. Oh! Thank you for the information Nicola! I will put Impossible Iris and Cuirelle on my to sample list for sure. I just love a saucy Iris. I hope you have a beautiful Sunday! Thank you for stopping by!