Monday, September 5, 2016

Fall Fun Series: Fall Melting Stash

Here she is! All my fall wax tarts as of this moment. I will probably add a few here and there (Beezy, The Bathing Garden, Sugar & Spice, and Dessa are all in the queue) but this is what I have to start with. 

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake
Country Blessings

Lasting Scent Candles:
Toasted Embers
Crimson Moon
Fall Fest
Cast A Spell
Spooky Apparitions

Candles From the Keeping Room:
Farmer's Market Basket
Autumn in the Park
Fall Wreath
Full Moon
Caramel Perfect Autumn
Apple Jack & Peel

Sweet Fixations:
Hocus Pocus
Pumpkin Pie Spice
Haunted House
Trick or Treat
Hot Apple Cider
Cozy Home
Cozy Nights

Dessa's Homespun Scents:
Haunted Hayride
Pumpkin Pie
This Old Cabin
Cinnamon Broomstick
Autumn Breeze
Fall In The Country
Harvest Moon
Pumpkin Cider Lane
Apples & Cinnamon

I am particularly looking forward to Haunted Hollow from Dessa's, it is a blend of cedar and cinnamon I requested for her to concoct. I still hope to place an order from Candles From The Keeping Room as well. I probably will not get through all my fall scents, but I like to have some carry over to next year. I may also add some more cinnamon and bakery and apple to this from my year 'round stash drawers from time to time.

Here are a few exciting things I spied at Kirkland's recently. I wanted it all of course, but left empty handed. Browsing only for now. Must wait for sales. 

Have you spied any cute fall decor items? I really, really need to figure out my fall wreath situation for the doors. I have a 50% off Michael's coupon, but I need two matching wreaths. 

Do you have your fall melting stash ready? Any orders lined up to fill in the gaps? What are you in the mood to melt?


  1. Your setup and post is so much nicer than mine. LOL Methinks I went a little to broad with my overview.
    I completely forgot about Dessa's! I have lots of Christmas scents from her, but no fall. I may have to sneak an order in soon.
    I'm in the mood to melt fall scents already, but the temperature has gone back up to the high 80s and I don't want to make the house any hotter with our tealight warmers. Alas, I must wait.

    That fall decor looks cute! I love looking at stores' fall offerings because it gives me ideas on how to decorate my own space.

    1. Dessa has been rocking my fall this year. She keeps pumpkins out all these fall-licious scents and I need to try them all. I did just get my CNS from Beezy this morning. Woot!

      I love browsing the fall decor options too. So many cute things!! I need to spruce up my fall decor in a real way but never seem to plan for it. At least my home smells like fall. Lol!!

  2. That store looks like so much fun. And it just looks nice and clean, too. Michael's (which I think is the Canadian offshoot of the Kirkland company, because they carry Kirkland branded products) is always cluttered and very, very functional looking - just stuff jammed on a shelf. Boo, you Amernicans ;) get all the fun stuff, especially at this time of year!

    1. Oh that stinks! Clutter and chaos in a store makes my mind fuzzy and my tummy whirl. I can't do stores like Kohl's too often in the sale racks because the disarray keeps me from finding what I want. And functional and utilitarian is boring. Boo. Kirkland's SMELLS SO GOOD! I walk in briefly just to smell the apple cinnamon potpourri and walk back out. I do have a couple odds and ends I have scored there on the cheap, but not fall decoration-wise. Maybe I will grab some leftovers at the end of the season from there.

      On a side note I have seen some wax vendors starting to do Stranger Things samplers.

    2. WHAT. Oh my stars, that's dangerous! Have you watched any more episodes since the other evening?

    3. Yes! Watched the second one this afternoon. Poor Barb. She had a bad night.

  3. This is exactly why I have avoided my local Kirklands, Pier 1 Imports, Tj Maxx Homex Good's, You name it I've tried! ha-ha I know I will have to give it up soon because the decorations are just some of my favorites! They can just be soo over priced! That is why I will have to wait for a Sale, Sale, Sale. Loved your post it looked fantastic! I have yet to try Dessa's, I have been eyeing the site but have still yet to make a purchase.



    1. Right?! Way too much cool fall stuff going on. And not nearly enough $$$ to go hog wild. I am like you. I wait until the end of the season then stock up for next year if I can. Hobby Lobby does a great 80% off sale at the end of seasons. Dessa really does the whole bakery and spice and cozy vibe well. Of course she has nice fruits and stuff too but I mainly go in for her spice.

  4. My fall wax stash is ready. I want to try to avoid adding more to it because the drawer I keep it in is already full. I'm sure I'll cave at some point. I've never checked out Dessa's. I just looked at their TAT and it's pretty reasonable, so I may have to try some things. I'm too horribly impatient for long TATs or waiting for store openings. Kirklands looks amazing, but way too tempting for me and my budget!

    1. Full fall drawers are great! Dessa's TAT is pretty good! It is on the longer side for her right now as I am sure this is her busy time of year but she also just came back from some surgery and stuff so I think she had an influx of orders upon re-opening.

      I like when Kirland's does their extra 25% off clearance sale. Sometimes I can find a few cool things for gifts or decor. Much nicer on the wallet.

  5. Such a small but mighty fall stash; you've got some fabulous scents in there! Love your fall decor sighting photos too.

    1. It is small! Wah! I thought it was pretty hefty but when I took it all out I was like "where did it all go?!" but then I remembered I mailed out a few fall friendship boxes :-)

      No matter, I will have more coming soon enough. Soon enough.

      Thanks! It was torture to go in there and spy all the goodies but leave with nothing. It made me stronger I am sure. I still need two wreaths. :-/

  6. Your fall melting basket is amazing Julie! Thank you for listing out each scent, I could practically imagine lifting each tart to my nose and taking a big inhale.
    OH MY ..the Kirkland's decor. I've never been but there's a store nearby and I just recently browsed their website for the first time .....I have until Friday ;)

    1. Thanks! I am excited to get started on it. I am not sure if I still want to continue to do melting baskets or do them within the Fall Fun Series posts. Hm.

      You need to go Sunnee!! And then tell me what you think of how the store smells when you go in. <3 I think it's all those sachets they have everywhere.

  7. Good thing I backed out of the Fall Fun Series because if I'd have posted my fall stash I'd look like a crazy hoarder. Seriously. Yours and the couple others I've looked at look so tiny to me! LOL!


    1. No way!!!! I wanna seeeeee.... but fall is your favorite so you SHOULD have lots of fall goodies! I hope you decide to post it anyway. I miss you. Come join us again. Pretty please.

      Well since you have thrown down the tiny word, I must rise to the occasion and build my wax empire! Ha Ha HAAA! I WILL make you believe I am ready to carry the honor of being worthy of The Fall Slut's fall melting pile approval!!!!

  8. Amazing fall melt stash. Crimson Moon is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! When is CFTKR opening again? I might try to snag a couple more fall bags! I *love* those decorations you've spied!

    1. Yes it is!!!!! Wasn't it called Blood Moon last year?! I remember always thinking of periods when reading that. "My moon's blood" said all dramatic like. HA! CFTKR is opening sept 17th!

  9. Gonna have to get in on this Lasting Scents vendor, been seeing some good stuff:)

    1. It is super duper good!!!!! A little soft but very nice with blends and throw. <3

  10. you always take the best photos!
    you'll have to let me know how Dessa's Cinnamon Broomstick compares to the real thing! I have been looking, but apparently its not a japanese thing.. lol. Im sure Daniel is relieved...I'll have to go search pinterest for a DIY :-P

    1. Ok! I will melt it this week! Been jonesing to anyway. Hey. If I could easily ship one to you I would. But you might think Sirius was gifting you a Nimbus 2000.