Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pink Mermaid Wax Melts

These tarts were sent free from Pink Mermaid Wax Melts.

The cutest little box of tarts arrived. Pink Mermaid Wax Melts popped up on Instagram a little while ago and the owner, Michelle, reached out and sent me a few things. 

Some very cute things! And from not too far away in Port St. Lucie on the east coast of Florida near where I have some family. 

Mermaid Lemonade, from what I can see on her website, is a signature house blend. Sadly, I do not get along with lemonade in wax at all. This one has a powdery tang and some added floral sweetness. I could see how this would be really popular with a lot of people but I just cannot do lemonade, my nose is not nice to its translation. But check out that flower! So lovely. And this is the first time I have had big glitter on wax. I see that it is becoming quite the trend though. Reminds me of my indie nail polish hoarding days. Not sure how much this would cost as I do not see anything comparable to it on her site currently. 

Icy Groves blends oranges and peppermint for a unique spin. Again, sadly, I cannot really do mints and fruits together. Separately, I love mint. And I like a good orange. I feel really bad about this but I cannot change my nose. I will save this one for someone else to enjoy with the first one. This 2.9 ounce shape can be ordered in any scent for $3.25 at the moment. 

"Big" Waves is the Lush dupe for Big, which I have been wanting to try forever since my friend Sunnee loves how this stuff smells. I am not sure how it smells in real life, but this wax dupe leans a little laundry. The neroli, orange blossom and musk are freshened up and scrubbed clean. It threw medium in Scarlette's bedroom and medium-strong in the bathroom. This custom 3 ounce shape is $3.25 and can be ordered in any scent during a pre-sale that is going on now. The pigment is really strong in the one and may not be suitable for white warmers.

So pretty!

Driftwood gave me quite the huzzah moment. It is the same exact scent that The Bathing Garden calls Calypso and it was marvelous. This is the same shape she uses too. They are $2.25 each in any scent. Driftwood was cut in half and threw strong in my living area and kitchen warmers. 

I enjoyed the Driftwood tart and would love to try her tarts in other scents I would like as well. She has a Hocus Pocus sampler that looks amazing! She offers a lot of shapes and is growing a nice scent list at reasonable prices. 


  1. Cool that she reached out to you. Bummer the scents don't agree with you though. The glitter in the two mermaid ones is kind of distracting from the cuteness of the details.

    I'll have to take a peek at her site. Hopefully there are smaller sized things that don't need to be cut.


    1. Yes! And she is very nice. It was the luck of the draw as far as scents go. I normally don't think as myself as picky but I have certainly become slightly so. I liked the glitter in the flower for sure. But the glitter on the orange one is very large and you are right.

      She does have smaller sizes :-) Scent shots and what not.

  2. Look, Both mermaids! How perfect! Hate to hear that the scents didn't work for you though, that is a bummer. I'll have to take a look at her site because fruit and mint blends can be very beautiful if done correctly.

    1. Yes! Mermaids unite! Yeah, it was 50/50. But it never really bothers me as I always have someone in my life that I can gift wax to. :-)