Friday, September 30, 2016

Ebb & Flow: September

Serge Lutens Jeux de Peau 

FuturePrimitive Opium Den

Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer

Nail Polish:
Rescue Beauty Lounge Killa Red

Bath & Body Works Leaves

Dessa's Homespun Scents Apples & Cinnamon

Prodigal Summer  by Barbara Kingsolver

"Stranger Things" and Andrew Zimmern eating anything.

The Five Sisters Crafternoon, I hope it works out for all of us to attend.

Renewing my drivers license. I have the same photo from when I was 19. I just know they will make me change it.  LOL!

Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo

Hourglass Illusion Skin Tint... too putty like. 

Feeling like I am scrambling a lot lately. Not as organized as I would like. Dinners not planned. Not taking care of myself. Get it together Johnson. Get it together.

Surprising the girls with the trip to Islands of Adventure and Hogwarts/Hogsmeade was pretty great. I may have enjoyed it as much or more than they did.

How was your September? Highs or lows? Any hits or misses?


  1. My September started off pretty stressed and frazzled. I was in that scattered state too...couldn't focus or function, felt the world was ganging up on me. Things have turned around greatly though and I'm ending the month on a high. I'm finally feeling excited about fall things, feeling much more peaceful and relaxed. I know the downward spiral will come again, but I'm loving the good mood for now.

    My biggest hit for the month is the show Lucifer. LOVE IT!!!!


    1. I am glad you are feeling more balanced right now. I hate that feeling of chaos in my life. But yes, fall serenity is starting to get here. Feel free to pop in on a FFS or two if you get that itch! <3 Miss you!

      And yes, I hope you have a nice long season of bliss ahead.

      Lucifer! I put that one on my watch list.

  2. I had to renew my license yesterday. It actually wasn't too bad. I got in and out in under an hour and was actually having a good hair day.
    I was majorly scrambling today though; didn't get done half of what I wanted to and feeling bad about it.

    1. Sweet!!!! Maybe I will have that luck too. I have to schedule an appointment and for some reason I am having a huge roadblock (mom humor) to actually getting the ball rolling. And I need to gather my birth certificate and all sorts of nonsense. Ugh. And hair days are a roll of the dice for curly girls. I will either look like Hermione at the Yule Ball or Hagrid while tending dragons and blast-ended skrewts.

      I am sorry! Those days suck. I am hoping to pick up my slack today a little though. Saturdays are good like that when I finally don't have plans.