Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Candles From The Keeping Room: September Order

I am officially set for fall. A successful Candles From The Keeping Room order was placed and received. Honestly, I could probably scent my house for a few falls after this big mama arrived. And given the longevity of Carol's creations that really isn't too far off the mark. 

Sticky Cinnamon Bun cuttable- Warmly spiced rolls dripping with royal icing. And look how stinking cute! $4.25

Crisp and Candied cuttable- Delicious Christmas. Jovial apples, merrily shining like rubies and emeralds in honor of glad tidings, nestled in a copper bowl. Woods, spice and pomanders, trimmings just for this armful of Christmas apples. $7.50

Pumpkin shaped tarts in:

Butternut Pumpkin- Pumpkin desserts baked with cinnamon, clove and almond extract. Topped with vanilla marshmallow cream and caramelized. A new favorite.

Frost on the Pumpkin- Golden honeyed pumpkin and spice. Mellow and sweet. Brilliant.

Pumpkin Wreath- Pumpkins and apples and spice grounded with woods, earth, leaves and a drop of maple syrup. Rich and gratifying.

Ultimate Sugar Cookie- One of the richest cookies I have smelled in wax. Vanilla heavy and wonderful.

Amish Quilt is a repurchase. One of the sweetest and best spice-centric Amish Quilt blends out there.

The Keeping Room- I cannot believe I have not smelled this one before. It is a vanilla clove dream. Just a splash of almond to smooth it out. Comforting bliss. 

Apple Cobbler Delight- Jacqui gifted me a tart in this many moons ago and I loved it. It was the one big request I had for Carol and she made it! I love Carol's attention to her customers and how she strives to fulfill everyone's scent wishes. This is a special apple cinnamon scent that is sweetened with glugs  apple juice and cider, a teaspoon of homemade vanilla extract.

Apple Dumpling- Hot and warm cinnamon apples baked with red and green and yellow pear slices. But with that extra hit of burning cinnamon. Love it. 

Aspen Caramel Woods- Don't let the name fool you, this is a fruity floral gourmand perfume scent featuring jasmine and plums drenched in caramel. The dulcet scent can suggest soft woods with vanilla. 

Woodland Foliage- Evergreen trees from the rooty ground up to the resinous needles, sugared with crushed wild strawberries and earthy with patchouli leaves.

Merlin's Forest, another repurchase, ahhhh that old hippy Merlin. Making magic among the trees. His sorcery smells like nag champa and feathery amber.

Blood Orange Patchouli- Yes mama. Patchouli, dusty and brown, crumbling and dry like leaf litter on a woodland floor. Dried dimpled crescents of grapefruit, orange and lemon peels add luminance to the forest bed. IN LOVE.

Juniper Berry & Cedar is a repurchase. On cold there is a little harshness of green from the juniper and dry cedar but it warms and softens upon melting and the citrus pulls out some sweet roundness. A favorite for serenely scenting the atmosphere.

Aspen Winter, a repurchase and dupe for Bath & Body Works Winter scent. A favorite.

Christmas Cabin- Bayberry, cranberry and cinnamon create a woody Christmas cabin vibe indeed. 

Balsam and Citrus, a repurchase times about ten. Between this one, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and Plumberry Spice, Carol has all my Christmas favorites. This one is candied orange peel, crusted with crystal sweetness infused with tender Christmas tree incense.

Spun Peppermint, repurchase, light peppermint oil swirled with cotton candy, vanilla, frosting and candy. I almost swear I detect that ever famous Fresh Picked Strawberry hidden in a peppermint nook. 

The generous bag of free sampled adorned with the most winsome pumpkin in the patch. 

I got an ear of corn! <3
Brown Sugar Pound Cake- Vanilla sour cream pound cake shaped in a bundt pan with a slightly caramelized sugar crust. Slightly plastic on cold but that will melt off nicely I bet.

Pumpkin Rice Crispy Treats- Excellent! A true pumpkin treat scent. The marshmallow and puffed rice of Krispies shines through with the candied pumpkin and placid spice. 

Jelly Filled Pumpkin Donut- Red medley of berry jelly filling a pumpkin batter donut and snowed with powder sugar. 

Sweet Pomegranate and Orange- Tart, sugared and juicy with a bit of soft floral. Strong on the citrus. 

Twisted Peppermint- Icy, sweet and perfect. This will be high on my list for the next time I can order.

Marc Jacobs Honey- A pretty floral perfume that reminds me of a more subtle and powdery version of Elizabeth Arden's Sunflowers. 

Mont Blanc Legend- Mmmmmmm... sexy man without smelling too strongly of harsh cologne. Rounder and furred with vetiver grass. 

Gin and Tonic- Lime and genteel juniper with a splash of gingered soda. I quite like it.  

Angelica- Bombastic floral. A dupe of some perfume I am sure. 

Turquoise Sky- The beach. A little citrus and aquatic tones of salty sea air. Driftwood. Vetiver? Is this the Calypso scent from The Bathing Garden? Hmmm. 

There goes one of my favorite Candles From The Keeping Room orders ever, documented for posterity. I am head over heels and will have some festive and strong smelling scents to herald in the holidays. Carol will be opening again for orders October 8th if you want to catch it. Make sure you are a member of her Facebook group and watch for her to announce the website as open. 


  1. Sounds like some wonderful scents! I really need to get some Christmas scents soon also :)

    1. So many wonderful scents!! I think I will still try for a few Christmas scents. Are you eyeing anywhere in particular? Do you have any favorite scents for Christmas?

  2. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I really have to try an order from The Keeping Room, as I love candles (especially those that continue to provide a fragrance after the first burn). Thanks for all your great information!!

    1. Awwww thank you Cathy!!! I appreciate you telling me so. I love quality scents too and Carol never lets me down.

  3. Ok, I have GOT to start reading your blog on a more consistent basis! Your photos are gorgeous!! I wasn't able to purchase from Carol's recent openings but I did manage to get a destash from someone who had just ordered and didn't care for the scents. As if! Frost on the Pumpkin smelled a little bubble-gummy to me but I'm sure once melted it will smell amazing. Thank you for such detailed and wonderful reviews. I will come here from now on before placing any orders in the future ;) Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you Renee! Glad you were able to get a destash. Carol will be opening again October 8th I think. Frost on the Pumpkin, for me, gets better when melted. Let me know how yours goes once you melt it. I look forward to more chatting with you in the future! Please don't forget to send me your address :-)

  4. So cool! I've missed seeing your more wax-centric posts - this definitely makes up for it (holy haulage!) I've never tried any of Carol's wax (not sure if she ships to Canada, actually) but it's so stinkin' adorable - I like the slightly undone, rustic look to the packages and shapes. Happy melting (this year and next year and maybe the one after that?)

    1. Well thank you for swinging by on a wax haul day. They do tend to come around sporadically. Sometimes I get on a roll and have them often (like now) and other times I don't buy as much for longer periods of time. Depends on the season I guess. I am not sure if Carol ships to Canada. I can ask her though if you want. And I do have many autumns of blissful melting ahead! Though to be honest, I usually end up sharing a big portion of the wax I buy. Gotta spread the love. Do any scents stick out to you as maybe being ones you would like?

    2. I'm just beginning to reach the share-and-share-alike stage (or more like the share-and-share-alike-before-it-all-falls-over-and-I'm-buried-in-wax stage.) Actually, that's not true - I try very, very hard to keep my collection manageable and to really only buy what I'm going to use. That's kind of an ongoing struggle!

      Having said that, yes please, I'd love it if you could ask Carol if she ships to Canada, thank you. Quite a few vendors do, but just as many unfortunately don't (Bathing Garden is the biggie I'm missing out on there.) Fruity-bakery scents are my favourites, but really, her nubby little shapes are just the cutest. It's the kind of wax that needs to come with a "DON'T EAT THIS!" warning or something.

    3. Keeping a manageable stash is the struggle for sure. I think once you find out what the limit is, that makes it easier. I was floundering until I decided to keep it to my two three-drawer system. When things start getting hard to shut I either stop buying and/or start sharing in earnest.

      I will message her in the morning and see for you. If she doesn't I can try and pick somethings up for you if you wish. Plus I can mail you some to try.

      Totally super cute wax. I love it. SO realistic!

  5. I love this post Julie!! It reminds me of when I first got into wax, and a package from Carol would make me positively giddy. There was nothing quite like a giant box of CFTKR. The scents you chose sound wonderful, there's some ultimate faves of mine like Aspen Winter, Christmas Cabin and Balsam and Citrus. I love that she still does lots of singular fragrance oils, I tend to grow weary of overly complicated blends these days. Maybe one day I'll rejoin her group and try to get in on an opening. It's been almost two years since I've ordered! You have me craving those crinkly bags all over again!

    Side note - my sniffer is accepting scents again and I've been melting my new fall RG chunks - they've been so strong for me, even un-cured! We'll see how long this lasts though once baby is here lol.

    1. Thank you Jacqui! Yes, it is sad that several years later I am still giddy with excitement over a Carol haul? I feel like I will aways love them. I am pretty sure you hooked me on Balsam and Citrus. This was my first time getting Christmas Cabin. I love it. Yes, I appreciate that her scents are strong and pure too. The single fragrance oils. Plus it helped when I was tinkering with making wax because I could easily find the oil type she used for certain scents. Let me know when you decide to rejoin or if you only want to know when an opening is. I can always send you a message when she opens. Good thing is too, her tarts last me ages. I just melted the Apple Cobbler Delight you gifted me like 3 years ago and it was awesome.

      Excellent!! Glad your RG chunks were working for you! One did great for me (the pumpkin milkshake) but the apple one was just so-so. Lately the RG blends have not been jumping out to me. I was interested in the mint sampler but she said there would be fruity-mint blends and I hate those. Ah well. More money for this CFTKR splurge. I think you should be fine once he comes out. My body normalized as far as scents and tastes once I had the babies (sadly, my BODY itself did not normalize but that is just me I guess- my feet stayed a whole size bigger due to relaxed ligaments and I swear my nose is wider). But the love and snuggles and joy are totally worth it. Not much longer!!! I cannot wait to see him!! And I know you are beyond ready too.

  6. This post just gets me excited and explains my addiction for wax. It is just beautiful to look at and the detail in each scent! Wowza! I will always be amazed on how you describe a scent, well done on this post! I have to catch one of her restocks one of these days and get my hands on some of Carols wax.
    Happy Melting!

    1. Thank you! It takes a little while and of course noses are always different, but sometimes it helps to know if a scent is flat out vomitous or not. LOL! Of course, none of these are. She will be opening again next Saturday. I can let you know if you want if you are interested in maybe catching it.