Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Bathing Garden: Last bits of Summer

This was a tiny order I wanted to place to get a couple more Widow's Walk clams as well as a few from The Bathing Garden's summer collections that I had not tried before they were taken down. I placed this order a day or two before October 1st. So I have a feeling those Halloween orders should be rolling out soon. Clamshells are $3.75 each.

Widow's Walk and Pink Sand I have reviewed previously, but enjoyed enough to warrant backups. 

Soothe Me- Eucalyptus, mint, sage and lavender.
The mint leaf and eucalyptus are dried and crushed under a pestle and blended with soft sage leaves that feel like lambs' ears. Purple buds of lavender underscore the whole herbal blend and create a soothing scent indeed. Glad I grabbed two. 

Lavender Vanilla Custard is another repurchase from the past. It does remind me a bit of Bath & Body Work's Lavender Vanilla but with more creamy thickness and less of that perfumed note. This scent rocks my socks in the scrub, body lotion and soap too. But I behaved. I behaved y'all. I only got the one tart. For now.

Cleopatra's Cream Bath- Butter, golden honey, clotted cream, rosewood, and a hint of musk.
Another scent I love to have on hand from The Bathing Garden. This may be a perfume dupe of something but all I know is that rosewood really calls to me. Toss in honey and cream and I am shelling out the dollar bills. Not sure why I only bought one. I will probably fix that here pretty soon. 

Pearls of the Ocean ($2.00) repurchase (I loved it!) and Faerie Tears ($1.25).

Faerie Tears blends red currants, sandalwood and vanilla. The red currants create a fruity tartness much like unsweet pomegranate or cranberries but made more musky with sandalwood and vanilla. Glad I picked it up to try but probably not one I would go gaga over. The throw was medium-light. 

Free samples!

White pumpkin in Mummy Mademoiselle mixes rose jam, salt water taffy and white vanilla. Rose Jam sings in this blend but the taffy and vanilla do give it a slight creamy edge. A nice thrower usually too.

Brown pumpkin in Pumpkin Pie Spice holds all the yummy fixin's like cinnamon, nutmeg and clove but also ginger and cardamom which adds a peppery dimension to the creamy pumpkin. 

Hades & Persephone  scents the grey pumpkin with citrus, cognac, musk, patchouli and ozone. Dried orange peels and patchouli leaves are gauzy and ethereal. It brings to mind a more sophisticated version of Lush's Karma. The cognac has a Grand Marnier orange liqueur infusion. I adore this one. Absolutely adore. 

Tiny tombstones in Belle Morte, which combines black fruits, vanilla, ozone and greens, house the dupe for Lush's Comforter. I am not a fan of that particular scent so it doesn't do much for me, but these shapes do. I want to wear them around my neck. 

I may have behaved for this order, but I did no such thing for the Halloween order. Did you place a Halloween order from Shannon? Are there any favorites you are looking forward to having back in your stash? I finally bought a Toxic Earth scrub after quite a few years of hemming and hawing about it. Totally excited.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, as always! <3

    I did in fact behave for my Halloween order! I also finally bit the bullet and picked up some of her body care items! I'm excited for when it ships! I fully expect my Mom to ransack the package before she ships it to me. I'm slowly converting her to vendor/indie wax and bath and body products.

    I don't actually remember what I ordered, even though I just checked my order's progress 15 minutes ago. I don't think I'm going to go back and look at it. I like the surprise. LOL.

    1. Thanks, friend!

      WhooHooo! I cannot wait to see what you think of her body care. I seriously go gaga over her scrubs. The parfaits are nice too. And the lotion is light and airy. At least Shannon sends tons of samples so your mom might be able to squirrel some away with much guilt. A few Christmases ago I gave her scrubs out to everyone and hooked quite a few people.

      You are much stronger than I! Sometimes I will not look to have a nice surprise but with this Halloween one I keep staring and wondering if I am missing something I might really want. That is never good for the old wallet.

  2. Oh this makes me want to make a purchase so bad! I have behaved and not made a purchase. This is a vendor I am still very new to because of her long TAT holding me back. I may have to give in and make one though. Very beautiful pictures!

    1. I can understand that. If TAT is important to you then it might hold you back. But I have had TATs upward of half a year a couple times so 6 weeks seems breezy to me. I would suggest trying her at least once. And if it doesn't meet up to the time it takes then you can cross her off. Shannon is a doll though and her wax really is something special.

      Thank you! Capturing her lovely tarts is always difficult for me. They look so much prettier in person. :-/

  3. Julie,

    Awesome pictures and review, as usual. I just love your writing style. Anywho, I did not make a Halloween order. The scents are just not my cup of tea. Also I went a little loopy on order from the "Take Me To The Sea" collection. I HAD to get back ups for my back ups. I am kicking myself for not getting the "Soothe Me" and the 7 Layer Cake body scrub. I am so ready to see the next collection. The Bathing Garden is one of my top 3 vendors. Thanks for the review, I always enjoy them.

    1. Cheryl, you are the best. Thank you for your uplifting words. <3 We are two huge Bathing Garden fangirls for sure. I can totally understand taking full advantage of the Take Me TO The Sea collection. It was rock star phenomenal!!! As you can see I went back for even more. So I am backing up right there with you. Hey! Send me your address if you want. I will scoot a Soothe Me over to you <3

      The Bathing Garden is ABSOLUTELY in my top 3 too!!

  4. Soothe Me and Cleopatra's Cream Bath sound like perfect scents for me. I really need to try The Bathing Garden at some point. I have a hard time swallowing that TAT though. It's my impatient I need instant gratification flaw :-/.

    1. I think they would be too. Super beautiful and floaty scents that make the home look, feel and smell extra special. Sometimes good things come to those who wait and all that jazz. If you want you could always join tThe Bathing Garden Fanpage on FB and buy destashes. But Shannon sends the best samples so you might want to try one tiny order and *try* to forget you made it! LOL!