Saturday, September 17, 2016

FuturePrimitive: Bell, Book & Candle Milk Bath and Blue Spruce Soap

Bell, Book & Candle steeps patchouli, jasmine, sandalwood and musk into a milk bath brimming with fragrance, dancing with a scattering of flower buds and spuming with milky luxury. 

I have enjoyed this scent in other formats and a Vanishing Bath Tea as well. I really enjoy this milk bath formula though. It has some salts included with the milk powder and botanicals too. The patchouli seduces under night blooming jasmine's gaze. Sandalwood and musk evoke antiquarian book store vibes to the conjuring of the patchouli and jasmine. It made for a beautiful bathing ritual. I got three generous uses out of this. But when I luxuriate... I luxuriate. You could probably get more uses than I. These run 8.95 pounds which is about $11.63 at the moment.

Blue Spruce palm-free soap smells like a North Carolina mountain stroll among the minty blue and sage painted evergreens. Realistic, subtle and magical. The formula bubbles readily and my girls and I have been enjoying using it. The soap rinses clean as a whistle. 

Both of these items are currently out of stock. The Milk Bath Tea will come back and in the scent Bell, Book & Candle too but I doubt Blue Spruce will exactly like this. Tiggy does have another palm free soap up on a discount (she tends to like playing with the palm free soap scents in limited runs). A bunch of great fall fragrances are up. I ordered two bar soaps during a bar soap flash sale last week. They should be here anytime. 

Have you done any fall body care browsing? What is calling to you?

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