Thursday, September 6, 2018

Bohemienne Life: Wax Crack

Kyme at Bohemienne Life creates some amazing wax brittle. She released a ton of scents back in June and I grabbed a bunch I had never tried before. The bakery bags were $5 a pop and contained five ounces of wax.

Tobacco Leaf and Caramel- Notes: Citrus spiced tobacco leaves, vetiver, whiskey and rich caramel.
The caramel is indeed rich and almost has a bakery thickness to it. Paired with fruity tobacco it creates interest. Vetiver lends a subtle earthiness that lies beneath it all. I am interested to see how this melts. I have a feeling I am going to love it.

Heart and Crown- Notes: Cypress, basil, cardamom, lemon, nutmeg, black pepper and cinnamon oil, rose and jasmine and essential oils of lavender and clove bud, sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli and musk. 
I have had this in soap form and fell in love with it. Herbs and spice, florals and woods. It almost reminds me of that popular Claire Burke scent that gets duped from time to time. A plush deep rose with soft cinnamon and patch. 

Saturnus- Notes: Soft amber, woody myrrh, lavender, sweet musk, patchouli, sandalwood and hints of citrus and vetiver.
I love this fella. He is dead sexy. A sweet musky vanilla and lavender. Is this a Lush Twilight dupe?! Why have I not put this together before? Regardless, I love it. One of my favorite scents. 

Bloom- Notes: Dark orange, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime, jasmine, neroli and a hint of pineapple and berry, along with amber and honey.
The neroli features foremost with its tale-tell sharpness that reminds me of a cross of crisp bitter bergamot and heady orange blossoms. The neroli along with the other notes has a Mediterranean warmth. This is unique to my collection and I look forward to melting it come spring.

Velvet and Violets- Notes: Violets, amber and a hint of vanilla.
The scent description is apt on this one. Candied violets with cream and a base of amber resin. I loved this one in my bedroom where it threw strong.

Herbs d'Artois- Notes: Seville orange, lemon leaf, lime, apple, rosemary, woody cinnamon, nutmeg, ylang ylang, rosewood, oak moss and white musk.
I love this oakmoss centric blend. It feels exactly like a French countryside, refined yet rustic, herbal yet smooth oakmoss really takes the show. This one will be bought again. A piece in my kitchen and living rooms warmers threw medium-strong.

Blackberry Bordeaux Cookie- Notes: Butter cookies, blackberry, cassis, dark cherry, vanilla, bourbon and coffee beans. 
Seriously gorgeous wax here. I love the blackberries amid the cookie crumble. I don't know why it took me so long to try this scent out. It is one of the better fruity bakery blends I have had in a good long time. The blackberries and cherries are dark and ripe, bursting with syrupy nectar. The cookies are rich and chewy with vanilla sugar, while the bourbon adds a nice boozy touch. This would be a killer dessert. Warm from the oven I would gobble it up with a scoop of ice cream on top and maple whiskey syrup drizzled about. 

Kyme opened up for more wax pre-orders on Monday night. I chose four new-to-me scents along with an aroma spray in Hamish. I plan on using that for a bedtime scent. Did you pick anything up?


  1. The wax all looks fun, especially that last one! The scents are not for me though. lol

    This is the vendor that used to be...Alamo...something like Alamo...right?


    1. Hahahaaa! Nope! No Deb scents lurking here today. You might like the Blackberry Bordeaux Cookie though. It is a fruity bakery for the most part.

      Yep. Bohemienne Life is run by Kyme Gracia who started Alamo Candelaria. She is a very sweet lady and I continue to love her stuff.

  2. The look of the wax though!! Stunning! Some appear to have come right out of a bakery window while others look like they could be mined out of deep caves. Fun!
    Prices seem very reasonable too. Enjoy your goodies!

    1. Isn't it purdy? I love your beautiful words that describe them perfectly. The brittle is not only lovely to look at but easy to use too.

      Kyme does have very reasonable pricing. Given the amount of oils she puts in her wax along with the detail and packaging, I am happy she upped her prices a little recently. She needs to make it worth her while.

  3. I had to skip that restock/preorder you just covered. Always amazing sounding blends from Kyme. Do you prefer Heart & Crown in soap or wax? Or can't choose? :P
    I just grabbed 4 new to me scents this current, open preorder. I want more, but I need to get through what I already have. ;)
    Enjoy your Hamish spray! I had to talk myself out of 4 All Souls perfume rollers (or the beautiful box set), cuz I don't "need" them. ..I know they'd smell magical as F, though. lol

    1. I wasn't going to order this time but then I saw a few new-to-me scents that sounded way too intriguing to pass up. I personally enjoy Heart & Crown in the soap form just a touch more. It is gorgeous and makes for a beautiful skin scent. It is lovely for the home too though. So you grabbed 4 scents too? Dying to hear which ones. I picked four.

      I am excited about Hamish. I think he is going to be brilliant for bedtime. I have had him in a body lotion and perfume in the past. The box sets are stinking gorgeous. I had the All Souls gifted to me once and used them up in a heartbeat. I am stoked about starting the All Souls trilogy now too.

    2. I got the Green Faerie, Half Baked, Grimoire and Candied Violets and Lemon sugar cookie.
      Dang, if you went through those perfumes that fast, then they must be up my alley!!

    3. Green Faerie and Grimoire are ones we have in common. I did like them a lot. I also used them to make nice baths every now and then too. <3

  4. I wish, it was my toughest willpower test to skip it, but I did. I can't believe I let a hay-centric scent pass me by, did you grab that one? My friend and I split Saturnus and she melted this weekend when I visited. If it's Twilight, it's the least lavender/most patchouli heavy version I've sniffed.
    Last time I had Berry Bordeaux cookie in and out of my cart and ended up leaving it. Regrets...I've had a few...

    1. Sorry to hear you're blue about spilled wax, Frank. ;) Maybe next time you'll get Your Way.

    2. I think I let the hay one pass me by but I honestly don't remember. I grabbed four. I know one was the green faerie one. My memory is bad as of late. SATURNUS!!!!! So you are correct. I went back and sniffed it and it was LORD OF MISRULE! Not Twilight. But in my defense I find them both to be very similar. That sweet musky undercurrent makes them enjoyable for me.

      The berry pleasantly surprised me. I will save you a chunk.

  5. Ooh, oh, that Berry Bordeaux one sounds awesome! And so cute - I always think this wax looks like a fabulous kind of fruit-studded chocolate bark. I love berry and coffee scents - they're deeply underrated. Something about that coffee note that just lurks around providing background without coming across like a hot cup of crap coffee thrown in your face (no, just me?)

    1. It is cute! I will save you a chunk of that one too. I have been meaning to build you a box that was more than just a phone. I am horribly picky about coffee scents. LSC makes a good creamy sweet one. I definitely get mostly the hot cup of crap coffee most of the time I try a coffee scent. Sad tears. Hope you have been doing well.