Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Femme Fatale Cosmetics: Emporium Boxes

These products were sent to me free for reviewing purposes. All opinions my own.

Many companies make beauty boxes, from Sephora to Birchbox and even indie vendors are getting in on the action. I like Femme Fatale Cosmetic's unique take on the typical beauty box. They have four categories you can choose from: Aroma Emporium (home fragrances), Bath + Body Emporium (bath, shower and personal care), Beauty Emporium (facial products) and Perfume Emporium (perfume samples). Each set comes with a bag that contains 3 sample products. These are no longer offered as a subscription, but as a single purchase item. Because they are broken up into four choices the cost is kept lower than their past Emporium Boxes. The price will fluctuate based on the items' value within. These two ranged from $10-$14. The theme for August was "gemstones" and September's theme will be "horoscopes." I was sent The Aroma and Perfume options for review. 

The Aroma bag came with two wax tarts and a sample room spray. I enjoy the gemstone theme as the placard within and the bag itself was beautifully showcased.

First up is an Herba Apotheca scent in Fortuna which features notes of chamomile, sage, citrus and vanilla. The stones studded into the wax are yellow aventurine which enhance luck and prosperity. This wax tart was inspired by Yellow Aventurine. This soy blend wax tart comes out of the lidded container easily and smells of creamy lemon and herbs. There is an earthy tang combined with what smells like warm lemony tea served with a glug of cream. It is unique and I very much like it. This tart threw medium-strong in my bedroom.

An Obscurus Soy Wax Melt in Mirror Veil was in the bag too. Mirror Veil contains white violets, patchouli, tigerlily and casaba melon. This scent was created with Rainbow Quartz in mind. I love tarts in this size and shape. Both this one and the one above are about 0.7 ounces of wax in a snap lid container. The aroma from this tart is ethereal and lovely. Gauzy lily and delicate violets are augmented by a light honeydew flavor. Beautiful. It threw medium in the guest bathroom.

Poesie Perfume offered up a linen/room spray in the fragrance Amethyst which holds within itself blue poppy, violet flavored marshmallows rolled in powdery icing sugar, creamy orris root, tangerine and a hint of licorice. Sprayed into the air it gives off the aroma of earthen violets pooled at the feet of trees in a small forest. The violets have a blue hue to their tiny heart shaped faces, is this the anise and blue poppy working together?  A few sprays makes a room smell magical. I am a fan of Poesie Perfume Mists and happy to have a travel sized one to take to work. 

The Perfume Emporium bag is smaller than the Aroma Emporium bag since it only needs to hold three tiny perfume sample vials. The theme is consistent with gemstones as the focus. 

Amethystos from Twisted Wonderland possesses notes of Concord grape, white musk, calming lavender, vanilla bean and a hint of hibiscus. Candied grapes and fruity hibiscus tea scent the skin when applied. It is a sweet, tart and vibrant aroma. A touch of lemon citrus twists about.

Poesie Perfume also contributed work to the perfume bag with Pink Opal, which features pink grapefruit dipped in vanilla sugar, strawberry slices, peony blooms and hibiscus tea. Pink Opal starts out as a grapefruit creamsicle then floral musks slink in. The peony and strawberries fuse completely so that they are as one. The grapefruit fades away leaving the vanilla cream behind to mingle with the berries and flowers. 

The final scent in this sampler is from a new-to-me house called Woodland Wytchery who operates out of Etsy. The perfumer, Ruth, was inspired by labradorite and created Earthly Treasures with notes of blood orange, oudh, fig and Bulgarian rose with hint of honey, wildflowers and vanilla. Figs drenched in honey emerges upon initial dabbing. Tupelo honey over green figs with vanilla coconut tones. Soft florals mingle about in the heart and the dry down. 

All three of these scents were lovely interpretations of various gemstones. 

I think the Emporium boxes are a great way to sample a variety of vendors and creators without breaking the bank. I love the detail and effort put into them to produce a cohesive theme. I cannot wait to see what this month's horoscope line up showcases. Are you doing any type of sampling service? 


  1. Hello, grapefruit creamsicle - could that possibly be a real thing, please and thank you? Speaking of sweet, icy treats I think you might like at Disney that aren't middling Dole Whip, we enjoyed (thoroughly enjoyed) something called a Citrus Swirl at the Magic Kingdom - vanilla soft serve on one side, frozen OJ concentrate on the other, all deliciousness in the middle. Holy crow, it was GREAT, and kind of what I was expecting from Dole Whip (that sweet-tart thing that weirdly never materialized with the Whip.) I think a grapefruit version of that would be pretty darn awesome, too!

    1. Oooooooo! I am on board for THAT treat. You are also making me ashamed I haven't brought the girls to the Magic Kingdom in ages. I think I will make a point of doing that soon. I wish they would do a really nice FL resident deal soon. They used to give you a free ticket on your birthday or for volunteering the community for 20 hours. Miss those days. But we will get there. And I will eat that Citrus Swirl. A pink grapefruit version would probably tickle my fancy. <3