Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Melting Basket 126: It's Fall

Wax tarts from the last basket that I would happily have melting in my home again: Handmade In Florida Marshmallow Delight and San Marcos, TDC Smoke on the Water and Psychedelic Dreams, SMT Campfire Marshmallow, Marshmallow Fireside and MF/Blue Sugar/Marshmallow Noel, Bohemienne Life Third Eye.

Vintage Chic Scents- Riff Raff's Cozy Cocktail (pumpkin bourbon campfire)
Beezy- Apple Clove Butter
Golden Willow Wax- Fall on the Fruit Loop (spiced peaches and apples)
Dessa's Homespun Scents- Harvest Moon
Lasting Scent Candles- Cabin Fever
Lasting Scent Candles- Apple-y Ever After
Sniff My Tarts- Apple Cider Latte/Ice Cream Scoop Bread/Waffle Cone <3 gift
CFTKR- Olde Town Bake Shop
CFTKR- Warm and Cozy
CFTKR- Apple Cobbler Delight
CFTKR- Full Moon (so sad, my last two tarts and this one is forever gone)

If you would like me to review any of these in depth, just let me know below. 

Labor Day weekend was busy with its own ups and downs. I started Friday with a sore throat and runny nose. We still drove up to Georgia to visit Ashley, one of my dearest friends. We hung out and chatted and did some odds and ends around her house since her hubby is deployed right now. I kept feeling worse as the day went on so Sunday morning we headed out early so I could catch the express care and get on some meds. I spent Sunday taking a nap and watching Charmed while I tried to recover.

I felt better Monday morning but the house was a mess. Food dried on the stove top, dirty sink and counters, cat hair lurking in every corner and smudges on the floor. I do this thing (that I hate) but I get into a manic cleaning frenzy about three times a year and feel compelled to clean like Cinderella- knees on the floor and scrubbing kinda clean, what I hate about it is that it makes me extremely grouchy. About half way through I could feel the tears coming. I still had a runny nose so now I am scrubbing furiously in a cranky mood while snotting and blubbering, scooting about the floor like a decrepit crab on all fours. Adam is hovering over me with his hands on his hips telling me to stop cleaning. Rest. I can't. So I tell him he can either help me or leave me be. 

He grabbed a wet cloth and dry cloth and squatted beside me and helped. After it was done I took some blog photos and then a quick shower since I was pretty much wallowing in the dirt for the photos and covered in sweat and tears from cleaning.

The cleaning ended up being extremely cathartic, I am sure the cry helped too. I feel much better. The decorations are up, the house is clean, Harry Potter was on SyFy and it ended up being just what I needed. 

Have you decorated for fall? How was your holiday weekend? What are you scenting your house with?


  1. A good cry always helps me. Not a tearing up while watching a sad show cry, but a pressure cooker blowing the top release of sobs. lol

    I have decorated inside but it's only my early fall stuff, like apples and sunflowers and scarecrows. I'll switch those out for the full Halloween decorations in October. I didn't decorate outside though, because the porch and yard are such a mess. *sigh*

    I've mainly been melting my BHG/Scentsationals apple scents in these early days of unofficial fall. I'm itching to melt my Sweet Fixations apple scents but I need to find a few minutes to cut all those scent shots in half first. Did you do a big Dessa's fall order this year? (Or did you post it and I'm losing it??)


    1. I forgot how cleansing a healthy crying jag really is. I cry at the drop of a hat during TV shows, movies (hello Harry Potter crying) and while reading but you are right. It isn't the same at all. I guess I needed to release that valve. The pressure was too intense.

      Oh yay! I was hoping you had put a few things out. I sent off your box yesterday and you may find a couple things to add to the decor if you wish. :-) Guess what I did?! I FINALLY got new fall wreaths for the front doors. I swear I had been banging on about that for about three years now. Maybe the porch and yard will make for good spooky time decorating for Halloween. Authentic spider webs and all that.

      Put on some good shows and have a wax cutting session. I did order from Dessa! In fact I was working on that post last night. It is scheduled to go live on Saturday since that is the day she is having her last opening of the year. It wasn't terribly huge but it was rather healthy.

  2. First off, loving this raw, emotional post. Thank you for sharing this with us. I think we all could benefit from a good cry every once in awhile. I also have to throw a comment to the sweet husbands that stand with us through our times of struggle. We may not always make since but they love us anyways and in this case will even be willing to help out. So glad to hear things are slowly getting back on track. Spoopy season is coming!
    Let me throw in my request, I would love to hear more about this Fall on the Fruit Loop as it sounds scrumptious while also more on VCS Riff Raffs Cozy Cocktails! Yum.

    Not much decorating here at the moment though I do not have much room to do so. I have a witch and pumpkin that stays out year around in my living room so I guess you could say that I stay decorated? Ha-ha!
    Lately I have been a bit bored with my melting bins. I've mostly been reaching for comforting nighttime blends as of late but maybe I'll be in the fall scent mood soon!

    1. Thanks. I wasn't sure whether to write about it (feeling like I sound exactly like the emotional wreck that I was) but I did. I put it out there. And you couldn't be more right about the blessing of loving husbands. I couldn't ask for a more supportive life partner. SPOOPY!!!! I am getting a little excited for it. I want to do some baking soon. I feel the urge tickling my fingers and taste buds. I want to make cinnamon rolls from yeast but maybe I could add a caramel/cinnamon/thinly sliced apple twist to them?

      I will review the Fall Fruit Loopy one and the VCS one for you. I hope they do well.

      Too funny about your pumpkin and witch that are out all year! I love it! Yeah, melting hasn't been nearly as exciting as it used to be but that will change now that I get to dive into my spice and apples and such.

  3. Oh man, I'm sorry to hear the long weekend was just a total jerk to you. Holidays sometimes have a way of provoking that kind of reaction - I'm nearly always in the depths of despair somewhere around Boxing Day, all the fun is done and it's nothing but a mess that only I will feel warrants addressing. Then I do what you did - frantically clean. And then everywhere my eyes land, I see more dirt or something else that needs to be dealt with, and suddenly it's two days later and I feel a bit better. I hope that wedge of my baby (I'm allowed to call it that, right, my baby?) brightens your Fall spirits a bit. :)

    1. It absolutely brightened my day! Thank you for gifting it to me. And it totally is your creation and thus your baby. Cleaning is something a don't enjoy but afterwards I always feel better.